Interesting Facts about ISIS Terrorist Group

Do you know about ISIS? What is it? An Arabic Salafi jihadist militant group will be explained on Facts about ISIS Terrorist Group. ISIS stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. It is also known as ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) or IS (Islamic State). The group started in the early years of the Iraq War and joined with al-Qaeda in 2004. Unfortunately, the relationship between ISIS and al-Qaeda broke after struggling for eight-month. Insurgent groups are included in ISIS. Besides, Wahhabi version of Islam also influenced the group. Here are ten interesting facts about ISIS terrorist group.

Facts about ISIS Terrorist Group 1: The existence of ISIS

The existence of ISIS is to spread Islam. ISIS is the most radical islamic terrorist organisations. The classical Abassid Caliphate and the Iberian Peninsula followed the Islamic rule of ISIS. Besides, the regime in Baghdad become the effective opposition of ISIS due to Sunnis did not have authority to choose the Shi’ite rule of Nouri al-Maliki in Baghdad or the Alawite rule of Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. 

Facts about ISIS Terrorist Group 2: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is the leader of ISIS. He studied at university in Baghdad. Baghdadi was caught when the Iraqi insurgency and held in the American prison in Iraq named Camp Bucca. After his release, he joined with al-Qaeda. Now, he becomes wanted  terrorist around the world.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Facts about ISIS Terrorist Group 3: Aim

Creating an Islamic state and establishing caliphate in the Sunni areas of Iraq and in Syria are the aim of ISIS.

Facts about ISIS Terrorist Group 4: The Wealthiest Terrorist Organization In The World

ISIS becomes the wealthiest terrorist organization in the world. Theft, oil smuggling, human trafficking, bank robbery, imposes taxes, and extortion are things which make ISIS has money. It’s so horrible!

The wealthiest terrorist organization
The wealthiest terrorist organization

Facts about ISIS Terrorist Group 5: A caliphate

A caliphate is an Islamic state. Whereas a caliph is a political leader who led sharia law. Flogging, hanging, crucifixion, amputation, stoning, and beheading are several punishments of sharia law. Beheadings of infidels and apostates become the popular forms of punishment in the Islamic State.

Facts about ISIS Terrorist Group 6: A Reward For Diligent ISIS Fighters

A reward for dilligent ISIS fighter is rape. Unfortunately, underage girls become the victims of rape. ISIS gave sex slaves as gifts yo fighter who were on the battlefield.

Facts about ISIS Terrorist Group 7: Why al-Qaeda sever all links with ISIS?

Al-Qaeda consider ISIS is a violent terrorist organizations. They had no regard for human life. That is why al-Qaeda sever links with ISIS.

Facts about ISIS Terrorist Group 8: The weapons

As we know that ISIS has high-quality weapons. The ISIS factories in Mosul, Iraq manufacture weapons on an industrial scale such as bombs, mortar rounds, and rockets. There are also several warehouses, workshops, and other factories of ISIS. Besides, ISIS also has its own plants which can produce weapons.

ISIS weapons
ISIS weapons

Facts about ISIS Terrorist Group 9: ISIS Terror Acts

There are many terrorist attacks which were done by ISIS. They are Paris Attacks, San Bernardino Attack, Pulse Nightclub Shooting, Berlin Attack, Nice Attack, and Manchester Attack.

Facts about ISIS Terrorist Group 10: Propaganda Strategy

The propaganda strategy of ISIS is beheading. Steven Sotloff, James Foley, and David Haines are several examples of beheading punishment. The horror video of beheading is also one of the main element of their terrorism campaign. Besides, young children become target of ISIS.

ISIS beheading
ISIS beheading

We have talked Facts about ISIS Terrorist Group. Do you know other facts about it?

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