10 Interesting Facts about Westminster Abbey

Have you ever heard Facts about Westminster Abbey?Westminster Abbey is a quite well known buliding in London, England.It is been there for years as a landmark of brittish people,.UNESCO enlisted this beautiful great church  as one of the world heritage in 1987..With 3000 meter square witdh and 69 meter dual tower with 10 bells, this church catch the eye of most visitors for its glorious history and architectural desgin..Interesting right?now lets check out these 10 interesting facts about westminster Abbey.


Facts about Westminster Abbey 1:Coronation of Kings and Queens

This Royal church is not only used for prayers ritual.It is used for coronation of brittish kings and Queens since 1066.The first one is Wlliam the Conqueror. And the lates as we all know is Queen Elizabeth II.All ruler of Brittain are crowned in this place except for Edward V who was murdered and Edward VIII who was abdicated 11 months after coronation.


Facts about Westminster Abbey 2:Gothic Architecture

                 The Abbey

This church actually had an Anglo Saxon architectural design.but later on It has been rebuilt with  a Gothic architectural style.The wall consist of 600 munements and tablets.The interesting part is the Cosmati Mosaic Pavement. It is a pavement in front of the High Altar of the Abbey which has unique and stae of the design and is used  for the coronation ceremony.

Facts about Westminster Abbey 3:Built and Rebuilt

This Royal church was built in 1050 by Edward The Confessor and before that was well known as St.Peter monastery.Then Henry III decided to rebuild the church in 1245.


Facts about Westminster Abbey 4:Famous People Tomb


     Lady Diana Spencer

This Royal grand Church is not only a regular landmark church.It is a tomb.Several famous people has been rested here.The scientist Isaac Newton,famous classic writer Charles Dickens, the modern scientist Stephen Hawkings, and also Lady Diana.

Facts about Westminster Abbey 5: Prince William and Lady Kate

In the year of 2011,the infamous  royal couple,Prince William and Lady Kate Middleton held their wedding ceremony in this royal church.Actually ,they are the first one to do so,there have been 16 royal weddings so far. Organizing your wedding? Check out these chairs covers and tablecloths perfect for this special event.


The first one was Henry I who marries Princess Matilda of Scotland back in 1100. This event was recorded by the local Wedding film company.

Facts about Westminster Abbey 6:Westminster Abbey and The Legend of Saberth

According to sources of history,the first one found The Abbey is the first Chritian King Saberth.Srenowned it aberth was dedicated this place as a prayer ritual after St Peter miraculously discover the site. Later on, it turned to be a monastery and gained the name Westminster( minster means monastery) Abbey.

Facts about westminster Abbey 7:Westminsters Abbey Entry

The Abbey is open for visitors from Monday and Saturday unless they held a special ceremony.The entry fee is around 20 poundsterlings and they give discount and special prices too.They include the multimedia guide so you can purchase it online.For more information you can check thier website at www.westminster-abbey.org..


Facts about Westminster Abbey 8: Westminster Abbey and The Cullinan

               The Cullinan and The Crown           

The Cullinan is the precious diamond  Brittish`s Queen crown. Cullinan is known as the biggest diamond in the world.At the musem of the Westminster Abbey you have a look at the galleries of the precious stone.


Facts about Westminster Abbey 9:Westminster Abbey Activities

They are not only holding a ritual chritian ceremony,but they also have choir school,Library, museum,and an institute.The interesting part is they also open for jobs and voluntary fulfillment.Any of you interested?

Facts about Westminster Abbey 10:Westminster Abbey and River Thames

                     The Abbey and River Thames

The Abbey is located in London city near the river of Thames.It has been called with an alias the Tower of London.A local called Aldrich once said that he had vision of St.Peter near the river of Thames and after that it created tradition of salmon offerings to The Abbey by fisherman.River Thames itself once flooded in 1928 and killed 14 people.What do you think about these 10 interesting Facts about Westminster Abbey?



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