10 Interesting Facts about the Blue Mosque

Facts about Blue Mosque will give you information about a mosque in Istanbul, Turkey which is also known as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. It was built between 1609 and 1616 by Sultan Ahmed I. The mosque is very unique and popular because of its six minarets, five main domes, and eight smaller domes. Besides, it becomes one of the greatest tourist attractions in Istanbul. Here are ten interesting facts about blue mosque.

Facts about the Blue Mosque 1: The name of Blue Mosque

Actually, the name of Blue Mosque is named by many tourists who visit there, not by the Turks. It is because the mosque has blue tiles that adorn the interior. The tiles were handmade from ceramic which were produced in Iznik.

Facts about the Blue Mosque 2: The building

The blue mosque was not only for worship but also to a place of social aims. There were madrasah, a hospice, a hospital, a market, an imaret or a soup kitchen, a primary school, and Ahmed’s tomb at there. The tomb was also used for burying the royal family. Besides, there was also tine house or “Muvakkithane” which was used by astronomers to make calculations of the prayer’s times and important occasions in the Muslim calendar.

Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque

Facts about the Blue Mosque 3: Barrack Obama

President Barrack Obama ever visited Istanbul and toured the Blue Mosque in 2009. He was accompanied by the former prime minster of Turkey, Recep Tayip Erdogan.

Facts about the Blue Mosque 4: The interior

There were two hundred and sixty windows with stained glass in the Blue Mosque’s interior. Unfortunately, today’s they were replaced with replicas due to they have been lost.

Facts about the Blue Mosque 5: The rules before entering the blue mosque

There are many rules to enter the mosque. The first is take off your shoes. Put it in the plastic bags. The second is wear a head covering or veil when entering to Blue Mosque, for women. Plastic bags and head covering were provided at the entrance and they are free of charge.

Facts about the Blue Mosque 6: An active mosque

Blue mosque is an active mosque, although it is being tourist destination. The mosque is open every day but it is closed during the five daily prayers for non worshippers. Besides, the visitors should be respectful and are not allowed to use flash photography.

Facts about the Blue Mosque 7: The donation

Like the other mosques, there was also donation box at the exit door of the mosque. Actually, it is not compulsary for giving donation but you will get the official receipt if you do donation.

Facts about the Blue Mosque 8: The Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

Ahmed I was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire who built the blue mosque. He was born on April 18, 1590 and died on November 22, 1617. Ahmed I reigned in 1603 until 1617.

Ahmed I
Ahmed I

Facts about the Blue Mosque 9: The Sultan’s pavilion

The Sultan’s pavilion is also known as
Kasr-ı Humayun. It is located at the southeast corner of the mosque. The pavilion was used by Sultan as a resting place after and before the prayer.

Facts about the Blue Mosque 10: Sedefhar Mehmet Aga

Sedefhar Mehmet Aga was the architect of the Ottoman sultans. He was a student of Mimar Sinan. Mehmed Aga completed the building of blue mosque in 1619. Unfortunately, he died in 1617 after completed it.

Sedefhar Mehmet Aga
Sedefhar Mehmet Aga

We have talked facts about Blue Mosque. Do you know other facts about it?

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