10 Interesting Facts about Strontium

Have you ever heard Facts about Strontium?Strontium is a chemical element in element periodic table which has element symbol Sr and 38 atomic number.Strontium color changes when exposed to air,from silvery white to yellow.Strontium is softer than Calcium and it is an alkali earth metal.Strontium was invented by A.Crawford in 1709. He isolated Strontium from strontianite.Strontianite is known as strontium Carbonite.Now lets check out these 10 interesting Facts about Strontium.

Facts about Strontium 1:The Properties of Strantium

Strontium quikly disperse in the open air and reacts vigorously with water. So Strontium must be stored in out of contact wth air and water.It has similar physical and chemical properties with Barium and Calcium.

Facts about Strontium 2:The Origin of Strontium











              Strontium Compound


Strontium is named after Strontian, a village in Scotland where the mineral was founded by A. Crawford. Thomas Charles Hope, a professor of chemistry at University of Glasgow is the one who proposed the named Strontinite.Strontium itslef composed from two words; Strontia(the village) and ium (means element).

Facts about Strontium 3:Strontium Mines

Strontium mines are located all over the world from Kazakahstan, India,Mexico, and Russia. But the three major producer of strontium are China, Spain, and Mexico.Strontium mined in form of celestine.Celestine is strontium Sulfate (SrSO4)..

Facts about Strontium 4:How to Process Strontium

Strontium Process


Strontium  mineral is compound with Barium and Calcium.This compund is called celestite.To acquire strontium we must separate it from its compound.there several methods to separate its compound.The first one is hand sorting and wasing.The second is  using froth flotation or gravity separation.

Facts about Strontium 5:Strontium Usage

Strontium used in fireworks and flare.it also used in producing toothpaste.It is also used in producing ferrit magnetic and Zinc, which in exact amount are beneficial for our bone and body.

Facts about Strontium 6:Strontium Price and Value

Strontium Market Global Price


As we know that strontium has many application especially in the modern era.So no wonder ther are alot of country that produces and sells Strontium in large amount. In the US the most traded compunds of Strontium is the strontium carbonate.the price of the compund itself increase sgnificantly over time regardless the lowering amount used (US).

Facts about Strontium 7:Strontium Usage in Modern Days

In the modren era, Strontium is used for glow in the dark` paint and plastic which containstrontium aluminate.The radioactive Strontium is used in nuclear based technology, such as Hydrogen bombs and power plant.

Facts about Strontium 8:Types of Strontium



Strontium must make chemical bond with others element because it cannot stand on its own.So there three types of Strontium;Strontium Citrate, Strontium Renelate, and Radioactve Strontium.Strontium Citrate. strontium Citrate is formed naturally,in the other hand Strontium Ranelate is made by pharmaceutical company.

Facts about Strontium 9:Benefits of Strontium for health

Strontium have several benefit to our body.It can increase Calcium absorption, boost up bone formation,regulate bone breakdown,Improves resistance to fracture,may prevent from bone pain, and help rstore Alkaline state.

Facts about Strontium 10:Risk of Strontium

                       Cancer cell


Radioactive Strontium has higher risk to our body than the stable Strontium.Radioactive Strontium may cause Anemia,Oxygen shortage, and at higher level of concentration it even may cause cancer which damage our genetic code and cell.So do you like these 10 Facts about Strontium?




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