10 Interesting Facts about Stick Insects

Have you ever seen stick insects? Insect which has ability to camouflage will be explained on Facts about Stick Insects. There are 3,000 species of stick insects. Sometimes, we can not differentiate the insects due to they look like a stick or sometimes branches of the trees or leaves. Besides, they belong to Phasmatodea or Phasmida which mean an apparition or phantom. Here are ten interesting facts about stick insects.

Facts about Stick Insects 1: Life span

The average life span of stick insects are 1 to 2 years. After molting, they eat their old skin.

Facts about Stick Insects 2: Diet

Stick insects belong to herbivores. The stems of plants and leaves are the diet of them. Besides, they are nocturnal animal. That is why they feeding and moving at night.

The diet of stick insect
The diet of stick insect

Facts about Stick Insects 3: Defense

Stick insects have many defenses to face predators. They can pretend to be dead, fighting back, swiping the predator with their legs, and dropping or realeasing their entire limb to ecape the predator.

Facts about Stick Insects 4: Characteristics

As we know that there are many species of stick insects. They also known as the best camouflaged animals. They love to mimic branches of trees, change colors like leaf or tree, and more. Besides, some of them have wings. They use the wings to confuse the predator by opening their wigs while they face it.

Stick Insect
Stick Insect

Facts about Stick Insects 5: Habitat

Tropical climate is the habitat of stick insects, especially in the warmer climate. You can find them in the  forests, grasslands, bushes or in small trees.

Facts about Stick Insects 6: Stick insects as a pet

Some people think that they can not use stick insect as a pet, but that is totally wrong. Indian Stick insect is one of the most common type of stick insect which is used as a pet. It can be easy to take care of it. Lettuce and ivy are its diet. You can also use glass area to put it on.

Stick insect as a pet
Stick insect as a pet

Facts about Stick Insects 7: Female and baby stick insects

Female stick insects are different with another animal. Because they can reproduce without their males. Besides, the size of males are shorter than females. Whereas nymphs are known as the baby stick insects. They are also called as walking sticks. Many animals like to eat them, such as bats, birds, lizards, and primates.

Facts about Stick Insects 8: The metamorphosis of stick insect

In the process of metamorphosis, there are three stages (egg, nymph and adult). The life span of stick insect is only one season.

The metamorphosis of stick insect
The metamorphosis of stick insect

Facts about Stick Insects 9: Longest insects in the world

Stick insect species from Borneo became the longest insects in the world in 2008.

Facts about Stick Insects 10: Thanatosis

Thanatosis is a behaviour when stick insects pretend to be dead. As we know that they do it to escape from the predators.

Thanatosis of stick insect
Thanatosis of stick insect

We have talked facts about stick insects. Do you know other facts about them?

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