10 Interesting Facts about Steve Irwin

Do you know about Steve Irwin? Who is he? Facts about Steve Irwin will inform you about an Australian wildlife lover. Besides he also a movie star. His full name is Stephen Robert Irwin. He was born on February 22, 1962 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and died on September 4, 2006. The Crocodile Hunter (wildlife documentary series) was his television program and also a progam which made him famous and became an international star. He is a brave man which has courageous soul. Irwin and his wife, Terri also had a zoo, named Australia Zoo at Beerwah in Queensland which was found by Irwin’s parents. The other facts about Steve Irwin will be explained below.

Facts about Steve Irwin 1: Family

Lyn and Bob Irwin are parents of Steve  Irwin. They lived in Australia, but when Steve Irwin was eight years old, his family moved to Queensland in 1970. Then, the parents started the Fauna Park and small Queensland Reptile.

Facts about Steve Irwin 2: Early Life

When Irwin was young, he was interested in reptiles such as snakes and crocodiles. He also worked at his family’s park, including taking care of the grounds and feeding the animals. Crocodile was the first animal that he was treated and became a crocodile-trapper when he was older. Besides, he also worked in the Coast Crocodile Management program.

Australia Zoo
Australia Zoo

Facts about Steve Irwin 3: Land

The land in Australia, Vaniatu, Fiji, and the United State were bought by Steve Irwin. He aimed to protect wildlife and endangered species.

Facts about Steve Irwin 4: Marriage

Terri Raines is Irwin’s wife. She is an American naturalist from Eugene, Oregon. Irwin met Terri in 1991 while she visited the zoo. They were married on June 4, 1992 in Eugene and had two children. They are Bindi Sue Irwin  (a daughter) and Robert Clarence “Bob” (a son).

Terri Raines
Terri Raines

Facts about Steve Irwin 5: Modern-day Noah

Modern-day Noah is a nickname of Steve Irwins which was given by the CEO of RSPCA.

Facts about Steve Irwin 6: Film

There are many film which were played by Steve Irwin. They are Eddie Murphy film Dr. Dolittle 2 (as a cameo role in 2001), The Crocodile Hunter (in 2002).

Facts about Steve Irwin 7: Before fame

At the age of six, Steve Irwin received a 12-foot scrub python as his first pet.

Facts about Steve Irwin 8: Death

Did you know what was the cause of Irwin’s death? The tail of a stingray was the reason of Irwin’s death. His chest was cut by it on September 4, 2006 while snorkeling in Batt Reef, near Port Douglas in Queensland, Australia. He died at the age of 44 years old. Besides, many people was sad due to his death.

Steve Irwin Grave
Steve Irwin Grave

Facts about Steve Irwin 9: After his death

As we know that stingray become the reason of Irwin’s death. After his death, fans revenged Irwin’s death by cutting the tail of stingray using angler. That is why there were many stingrays who died.

Facts about Steve Irwin 10: The Glass House Mountains Road

The Steve Irwin Way is the new name of The Glass House Mountains Road. It was renamed in 2007.

The Steve Irwin Way
The Steve Irwin Way

We have talked facts about Steve Irwin. Do you know other facts about him?

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