10 Interesting Facts about Stained Glass

Have you ever seen stained glass? Yup, you can find stained glass in the windows of mosques, churches, and more. Facts about Stained Glass will inform you about material which is created from coloured glass. It is usually used in the flat planels and windows. Red, blue, green, purple, white, and yellow are colors which is usually used for stained glass. The other facts about it will be explained below.

Facts about Stained Glass 1: The colors of stained glass

As we know that there are many colors of stained glass. Copper oxide is usually used to produce blue, ruby, and green. Most shades of blues is usually made by cobalt. By adding chromium and iron oxide can make green shades. Whereas cadmium sulfide, uranium, and vermilions can be used to color the golden glass. However, many people prefer to use cheaper alternatives today.

Facts about Stained Glass 2: Bowl, cup, and small trinket

As we know that stained glass was manufactured by Egyptians and Romans. It is very different with another countey that used it for window. They used stained glass for making bowls, cups, and small trinkets. They believed that stained glass is valuable thing like gems and metals.

Bowls from stained glass
Bowls from stained glass

Facts about Stained Glass 3: Raw materials

By combining some silica, an alkali, and lead oxide can be used to make glass. Whereas by adding a metallic oxide and raw materials can make some colors of stained glass.

Facts about Stained Glass 4: The first stained glass

Around 400 AD, Christian churches was the first building where the window used stained glass. 

Facts about Stained Glass 5: The Manufacturing

There are many process to make stained glass, including processing the stained glass, creating the window pattern, cutting and painting, glazing and leading, finishing, and the last is faceted glass.

Facts about Stained Glass 6:  Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross is a story about crucifixion and ascension of Jesus. It is  usually depicted through the stained glass in the Catholic churches.

Facts about Stained Glass 7: The various levels of popularity

There are many various levels of popularity of stained glass, including the golden age, painted glass, medieval methods, medieval principles, and large quantities.

Facts about Stained Glass 8: Roman Catholic St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica

Roman Catholic St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica in Covington, Kentucky becomes the largest handmade stained glass windows in the world. In 431 AD, Council of Ephesus was depicted in the cathedral.

Roman Catholic St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica
Roman Catholic St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica

Facts about Stained Glass 9: The advantages of stained glass

Maybe, many people think that stained glass is only for making the building more beutiful. Beside that, there is advantage of stained glass such as for giving narrative information to people who see it. That is why there are many churches used it to tell the bibel.

Facts about Stained Glass 10: The most beautiful chapel with stained glass

The most beautiful chapel in the world is the royal medieval gothic chapel, La Sainte-Chapelle. Because it has the extensive collection of stained glass in the 13th century. The windows looks like a jewel box.

La Sainte-Chapelle
La Sainte-Chapelle

We have talked facts about stained glass. Do you know other facts about it?

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