10 Interesting Facts about Springfield Illinois

The capital city of the United State will be explained on Facts about Springfield Illinois. Actually, Springfield is not the first capital city of Illnois. There are Kaskaskia and Vandalia before it. Springfield is also home of President Abraham Lincoln. Approximately, there are 110,000 people living in Springfield based on the 2000 census. Here are ten interesting facts about Springfield Illinois.

Facts about Springfield Illinois 1: The name “Illinois”

Illnois means tribe of superior men. It comes from a Native American word.

Facts about Springfield Illinois 2: The state Capitol

The state Capitol is a building with a dome which is usually used for meeting the General Assembly or the state’s legislature. It also becomes the office of governor. Besides, there is also an old capitol in Springfield.

The state Capitol
The state Capitol

Facts about Springfield Illinois 3: Interstate highways

There are two interstate highways in Springfield. They are I-55 and I-72. I-55 start from Chicago to Springfield and I-72 start from Springfield to St. Louis, Missouri. Smaller roads to other cities also can be seen in Springfield.

Facts about Springfield Illinois 4: Abraham Lincoln

As we know that Abraham Lincoln became the Illinois congressman and the 16th President of the United States. Besides, he was also a lawyer. He stayed in Springfield before his election. After he died, he was burried in Springfield. Then, something which related to Lincoln such as his tomb, home, and law office are open to the publics. Springfield also dedicates a new building with library and museum to Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln

Facts about Springfield Illinois 5: The Willis Tower

As we know that the tallest skyscraper in the United States is One World Trade Center in New York City. Whereas the second-tallest building in the United States is the Willis Tower. It is also known as Sears Tower.

Facts about Springfield Illinois 6: The famous people in Springfield

There are many famous people in Sprigfield, such as Abraham Lincoln (16th President of the United States), Ulysses S. Grant (18th President of the United States), Barack Obama (44th & 45th President of the United States), Jane Addams (social worker), Michelle Obama (First Lady), Louis Armstrong (musician), Frank Lloyd Wright (architect), Michael Jordan (basketball), Harrison Ford (Nuclear scientist), and Hillary Clinton (First Lady & Secretary of State).

Facts about Springfield Illinois 7: Professional Sports Teams

There are many professional sports teams in Sprigfield, including Chicago Bears (National Football League), Chicago Cubs (National Baseball League), Chicago Bulls (National Basketball Association), Chicago White Sox (American Baseball League), Chicago Blackhawks (National Hockey League), Chicago Sky (Women’s National Basketball Association), and Chicago Machine (professional Lacrosse).

Facts about Springfield Illinois 8: State Symbols

There are many state symbols of Illinois, including Bird (Cardinal), Animal  (White-tailed Deer), Flower (Violet), Tree (White Oak), Insect (Monarch), Fruit (Goldrush apple), Reptile (Painted turtle).

State Fruit Symbol
State Fruit Symbol

Facts about Springfield Illinois 9: Products

Soybeans, hogs, wheat, corn, timber, cattle, dairy products, coal, timber, and petroleum are the products of agriculture.

Facts about Springfield Illinois 10: Henson Robinson Zoo

Henson Robinson Zoo is the zoo in Springfield. Actually, it is a small zoo but there are many animals there. There are around 300 animals from four continents, including  Asia and Africa, Australia, North and South America. Besides, the education activities are also available there such as games, story time, craft, and a discovery walk. Children can also pretend to be Zookeeper and having a pet there. It was so fun!

Henson Robinson Zoo
Henson Robinson Zoo

We have talked facts about Springfield Illinois. Are you interested to read this article?

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