10 Interesting Facts about Space Junk

Have you ever heard about space junk? What is it? Facts about space junk will inform you about unuseful human-made objects which is floating in earth orbit. Space junk is also known as Space debris, Space waste, Space litter, or Space trash. There are many example of space junk, including fragments, tools, fuel tanks, nonfunctional spacecraft, spent rocket stages, old satellites, abandoned launch vehicle stages, old engine parts, and more. Besides, space junk can also make a major problem in the space. The other facts about space junk will be explained below.

Facts about Space Junk 1: The problems

As we know that space junk can make many problems in the space. Here are some example: the working of satellite can crash into it and bringing more space junk; space junk can also fall to the earth.

Facts about Space Junk 2: Space junk fall back to the earth

Space junk can fall back to the earth in several years. Sometimes, it will burn up in the atmosphere before it reaches the earth.

Space junk fall back to the earth
Space junk fall back to the earth

Facts about Space Junk 3: The speed of space junk

The speed of space junk is around 17,500 mph. Although it just a small piece, but it can damage a satellite or a spacecraft.

Facts about Space Junk 4: Envisat

Envisat is the biggest piece of space junk, especially in low Earth orbit. It can reach up to 30 feet long with 16 feet wide.


Facts about Space Junk 5: The size of space junk

Approximately, there are around 20,000 pieces of space junk which are larger than ten centimetres or 4 inches and 500,000 objects are larger than one centimetre or 0.4 inches.

Facts about Space Junk 6: Space satellites

Approximately, there are around 1,100 active satellites and 2,600 non-active satellites which are launched by government, including individuals and companies satellites. The first satellite named Sputnik 1 was launched by Russia in 1957. Whereas the oldest satellite was launched in 1958, but it is no longer working.


Facts about Space Junk 7: Telescopes

Telescopes and radar are tools to monitor the space junk. Unfortunately, the small pieces of space junk are difficult to be recorded such as dust, flecks of paint, and more.

Facts about Space Junk 8: Space pollution

A group of junk in the Earth orbit is known as space pollution. It can cause many problems, including broken satellites, discarded rocket boosters, and more.

Space pollution
Space pollution

Facts about Space Junk 9: The cost of Satellite

As we know that satellite are expensive. We need $100 million to build them and $50 million to launch them.

Facts about Space Junk 10: The weird space junk

Maybe, it is rather difficult to be believe. But, there are many weird of space junk including family portrait, LEGO figures, dead animals, cooper needles, cannibals, pizza, Astronaut’s footprints, a spatula, vegetables, tool bag, and more.

A spatula
A spatula

We have talked facts about space junk. Are you interested to read this article? Do you have anything to add about this amazing facts? Hopefully this article will help you to know more about space junk. Enjoy reading!

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