10 Interesting Facts about Skype

Have you ever heard about skype? Do you ever use it? An application that serves services of video chat and video call will be explained on Facts about Skype. On August 29, 2003 skype was released at the first time. Besides, you can send digital documents including video, text, images, even text and video messages through skype. It is very help you to connect with your friend or relatives. Here are ten interesting facts about skype.

Facts about Skype 1: The name of skype

‘Sky peer-to-peer” is the original name of skype and it was abbreviated become “skyper”. Unfortunately, the name skyper were already used. That is why skype is the current name by dropping the letter “r”.

Facts about Skype 2: The history

Niklaz Zennstrom from Sweden and Janus Friis from Denmark are the people who found skype in 2003. Then, Estonians Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu, and Jaan Tallinn created the skype software.

Niklaz Zennstrom and Janus Friis
Niklaz Zennstrom and Janus Friis

Facts about Skype 3: The users of skype

As we know that many people around the world use social media, including skype. Approximately, 560 million people become skype users in 2009. Whereas in 2010, there are 95 billion people who use voice and video calls in the skype.

Facts about Skype 4: The headquarters of skype

Luxembourg, Germany and Frence are the headquarters of skype. Besides, skype also has offices in the United States of America, Europe, Asia, London, Rusia, England, Praha, California, and San Jose.

The headquarter of skype is Luxembourg, Germany
The headquarter of skype is Luxembourg, Germany

Facts about Skype 5: The machines of skype

Ordinary host or the skype client and the super node or SN are the two kinds of machines which are used as a part of the skype network.

Facts about Skype 6: Skype Phone

3 skypephon is the brand name of mobile phone which was launched by skype on October 29, 2007. Besides, skype also provides a skype wifi phone. By using a wireless internet conection, it can be used for making skype calls.

Skype Phone
Skype Phone

Facts about Skype 7: Free communication

As we know that skype is a free communication. It is also easy to used. We can communicate with friend in abroad by using phone number and the country code. It looks like you were in that country. It is amazing! If you are using it for your business make sure that you get a portability number so you can use it with any phone service company.

Facts about Skype 8: eBay

Skype was bought by a company in America, named eBay on October 2005. eBay became the first company that acquire skype technology. Because of that, many people thought that is made in America. However, it is totally wrong. Skype was found by people from Denmark and Sweden and the software were created by Europeans.


Facts about Skype 9: Not everyone likes skype!

Skype is very popular. There are many people who use it. However, not everyone likes skype, especially network administrators. They disagree with skype due to it is not appropriate usage for certain education, home, corporate, and goverment network.

Facts about Skype 10: Internet

Internet connection is needed to use skype. It is the main important aid to connect the skype. Besides Kazaa file sharing program is a program which is used for designing skype.

Internet connection is needed to use skype
Internet connection is needed to use skype

We have talked facts about Skype? Do you know other facts about skype?

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