10 Interesting Facts about Point Nepean

Have you ever visited Point Nepean? Facts about Point Nepean will give you information about a beautiful natural park with 560 hectares of land. It is located at the very tip of the Mornington Peninsula. At there, you can see beautiful views of beaches, Bass Strait, Port Phillip Bay, and the Rip. Besides, Point Nepean also has a rich history and important role of Victoria, such as quarantine, shaping the early settlement, immigration,
and defence. There are still many information that will be explained below.



Facts about Point Nepean 1: Opening hours

The Point Nepean National Park is open every day. The park is accessible by foot or bicycle. Besides, the vehicle access is open from 8am – 5pm. Whereas the Information Centre is open from 10am – 5pm daily.

Facts about Point Nepean 2: Events

There are many events that can be held in the Point Nepean National Park, including meetings, weddings ceremonies and reception, training sessions, festivals, picnics and reunions, conferences and seminars, car rallies, launches, and other recreational events.

Point Nepean
Point Nepean

Facts about Point Nepean 3: Traditional owners

The traditional owners of the Point Nepean National Park are the Indigenous people of Victoria. They have been lived there around ten of thousands of years.

Facts about Point Nepean 4: Facilities

Toilets, parking, cafe, baby change, information centre, drinking water, BBQ, disabled access, picnic table are facilities that can be used in the park.

Facts about Point Nepean 5: The Tour

Point Napean is the best place for tour of all ages. It is because the path are smooth and well maintained. Besides, there are many beautiful views and historic sites that can be seen.

Facts about Point Nepean 6: Travel safe

The condition of weather and travel can change quickly. That’s why it is very important to check the local conditions and prepare all of things that you need before visiting there.

Facts about Point Nepean 7: The things that should you bring at the Point Nepean

If you want to visit Point Nepean, there are many things that should you bring. They are backpack, sunscreen, hat, cameras, sunglasses, mobile phones, shoes, etc. All of them will make you comfort at the site.

Facts about Point Nepean 8: Historic sites

Here are some of the historic sites of Point Nepean, including Gun Junction, Norris Barracks, Cattle Jetty Ruins (1879) – Observatory Point, Cheviot Hill, Machine Gun Emplacement, Eagles Nest, Fort Pearce, and Fort Nepean.

Cheviot Hill Gun
Cheviot Hill Gun

Facts about Point Nepean 9: Schools Excursions

If you need school excursions, the Point Nepean is the best place to find it. There are many subject themes that can be learned in the school excursions such as park management, geography, nature, heritage and culture, marine ecology, science, and more.

Facts about Point Nepean 10: Quarantine Station

In 1852, the Quarantine Station was established by the government at the Point Nepean. The site was used to protect ethnic Albanians fleeing the Balkans conflict, house troops during World War II, and prevent the spread of dangerous diseases until 1979. After that, it became the home of the Army Officer Cadet School from 1952-1985 and the School of Army Health in 1985-1998.

Quarantine Station
Quarantine Station


We have talked facts about Point Nepean. Do you know other facts about this beautiful place? Let us know!

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