10 Interesting Facts about New France

Facts about New France will give you information about a colony which was settled by France in North America. Quebec, Acadia, and Louisiana are the regions in New France. Whereas the capital city of New France is Quebec. New France is also known as the French North American Empire or Royal New France. The Motto of New France is “Mountjoy Saint Denis” and the anthem is “March of Henry IV”.
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Facts about New France 1: Five colonies

There were five colonies of New France. They were Canada, Hudson’s Bay, Acadie, Plaisance, and Louisiane.

Facts about New France 2: Samuel de Champlain

Samuel de Champlain is known as the Father of New France. He was born on August 13, 1574 and died on December 25, 1635. Besides, Samuel Champlain was a French navigator, geographer, draftsman, diplomat, soldier, chronicler, cartographer, explorer, and ethnologist.

Samuel de Champlain
Samuel de Champlain

Facts about New France 3: Song

People in New France liked to sing very much. They sang when they were working. The most popular repertoire was songs of Old France, including “Claire fontaine”, “Ma boule roulant”, and “Malbrouck s’en va-t-en guerre”. The songs were simple to sing, easy to learn, and melodious.

Facts about New France 4: Food

In many countries, most people had three meals a day. Whereas the people in New France had four meals a day and the biggest meal was lunch. Besides, tomatoes and potatoes are not eaten at there, because they thought that tomatoes were poisonous and potatoes were pigs consumption.

Facts about New France 5: Clothing

Most people in New France wore clothes, the woman usually wore skirts and men wore long flock coats and loose fitting trousers.

Facts about New France 6: Housing

Timber and stone are the materials used to make houses in New France. The size of houses is around 20-40 feet. Most houses usually only had one door, few windows, and floors which were made out of hewn timber. Besides, the walls usually were covered with pictures of saints.

Facts about New France 7: Merchants

There are many merchants in New French, such as butchers, bakers, shoemakers, masons, blacksmiths, etc. Besides they also traded furs for other products.

Facts about New France 8: Sieur de Monts

Sieur de Monts created the first settlement in Canada, named Port-Royal. He was also given the fur trade monopoly by King Henry IV in 1603. Then, he took a group of men to New France in 1604, including Sieur de Poutrincourt, Marc Lescarbot, Francois Portgrave, and Samuel de Champlain. Unfortunately, 35 out of his 80 men died in the first winter in New France because of scurvy. After that, Sieur de Monts lost his monopoly in 1611 and retired in 1617.

Sieur de Monts
Sieur de Monts

Facts about New France 9: Charles de La Tour

Thr first Governor of Acadia was Charles de La Tour. He became governor from 1631 until 1642. Then, he joined again from 1653 until 1657.

Facts about New France 10: Holidays

There are many holidays in New France, including Christmas, Easter, Michaelmas, and May Day. Christmas and Easter are two major non-religious holidays. Whereas Michaelmas and May Day are two major non-religious holidays.

May Day in New France
May Day in New France


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