10 Interesting Facts about Netflix

Have you ever heard about Netflix? An online movie rental service will be explained on Facts about Netflix. Reed Hastings is the co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Netflix. He started Netflix in 1997 after paying $40 for a late returning Apollo 13. Netflix has changed the way we rent movies and pay the late fees. Because of that, Netflix is very helpful for people who like movies. There are many still information about Netflix that will be explained below. Check this out!


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Facts about Netflix 1: The first video

“Example Show” was the first video content ever put on Netflix. It was a test film which used to inspect standard film frames. Whereas the first original series on Netflix was a Norwegian-American show or Lillyhammer.

Facts about Netflix 2: Streaming devices

There are more than 200 streaming devices which is available on Netflix, including phones, tablets, Blu-ray players, stereo receivers, DVR’s, smart TV’s, gaming consoles, entertainment boxes, etc.

Blu-ray players
Blu-ray players

Facts about Netflix 3: Netlix vs Google

Actually, Netflix was established earlier than Google. Netflix was created in 1997 as a subscription service, whereas Google in 1998. It means that Netflix has been around longer than Google.

Facts about Netflix 4: The most wanted jobs

As we know that everybody needs a good job. Netflix offers one of the most-wanted jobs in the world. You just need to stay at home and watch the content which is produced or purchased by Netflix. Then, you have to tag the video with words from a pool of 1,000 keywords. It aimed to improve the Netflix Quantum Theory.

Facts about Netflix 5: The categories

There are over 76,000 categories of Netflix. Here are some categories: “Imaginative Time Travel Movies from the 1980s,” “Cool Moustaches,” “Mind-bending Romantic Foreign Movies”, and “April Fool’s Day”.

Facts about Netflix 6: Original programs

There were about 66 original programs which were produced by Netflix on February 2015. There are films, specials, documentaries, series, comedy, and continuations.

Facts about Netflix 7: The time do you need for choosing movie

What time do you need for choosing a title? According to the company, users need around one to two minutes for deciding what to watch on Netflix.

Facts about Netflix 8: Netflix employees

Netflix offer freedom and responsibility for their employees. They can take as many days off as they want. Besides, the employees also get a free Netflix subscription.

Netflix employees
Netflix employees

Facts about Netflix 9: Keyboard shortcuts

Here are some of keyboard shortcuts that you should know if you are watching Netflix on your computer. They are F = Full Screen, Shift + Right Arrow = Fast Forward, Shift + Left Arrow = Rewind, Up Arrow = Volume Up, Down Arrow = Volume Down, Page Up = Play, Page Down = Pause,
M = Mute, Page Up = Play, ESC = Exit Full Screen,Enter = Play/Pause.

Facts about Netflix 10: DVD warehouses

As we know that DVD warehouses of Netflix are very important. It is because everybody can rob the place or do bad things to the place. That’s why the Netflix employees swear to secrecy where the location of the warehouses.


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DVD warehouses of Netflix
DVD warehouses of Netflix


We have talked facts about Netflix. Do you know other facts about it? Let us know!









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