10 Interesting Facts about Neanderthals

Have you ever heard about Neanderthals? A species of the genus Homo will be explained on Facts about Neanderthals. Homo neanderthalensis or Homo sapiens neanderthalensis is the scientific name of Neanderthals. Around 200,000 years ago, Neanderthal people appeared on the Earth in Africa. Then, they moved to the other places in the world around 100,000 years ago. However, the fossils of Neanderthal are found in Europe, Central Asia, and Asia Minor. Here are ten interesting facts about Neanderthal.

Facts about Neanderthals 1: Neanderthal Shelters

Neanderthal lived in the cave, especially limestone caves throughout Eurasia. It was because they have to defend from awful weather conditions during Ice Age. Besides, some of them also built shelters from branches, leaves, and animal skins.

Facts about Neanderthals 2: The characteristics of Neanderthals

There are many characteristics of Neanderthals, including wide nose, thick and strong bones, prominent brow ridges, large skull and brain, angled cheek bones, muscular legs, shoulders, necks, and arms. In fact, they are taller then modern humans.

The characteristics of Neanderthals
The characteristics of Neanderthals

Facts about Neanderthals 3: Natural Medicine

Neanderhals used natural medicine such as chamomile and yarrow to nurse each other. They usually got injuries while hunting. Besides, several illnesses and health problems including lupus, Crohn’s disease, Type 2 diabetes were also suffered by them.

Facts about Neanderthals 4: Neanderthals and Tools

If you think that only modern humans who use tools. It is totally wrong! Because Neanderthals also produced tools of chipping, especially cutting and scraping tools. Besides, they also learned how to make tools from different types of stone.

Facts about Neanderthals 5: Language

Neanderthal were predicted by researcher that they had a spoken language. However, their language is unknown because there is no evidence of language remains. So, it still becomes mystery.

Facts about Neanderthals 6: The died out of Neanderthals

Neanderthals died out millions of years ago. Researchers suggested that they could not adapt to the changing climate and compete with the ancestors of modern humans.

Facts about Neanderthals 7: Afterlife

Neanderthal believed there is an afterlife. They buried their dead with food and tools they would need in the next life. Then, it was covered with flowers. Besides, they also painted the bodies of the dead.

Facts about Neanderthals 8: Their diet

Neanderthals were carnivores. It meant that they were meat eaters. Besides, they were also cannibals. It was because they have to stay alive the harsh conditions (during Ice Age). Some mammals such as deer, bison, mammoth, auroch, and raindeer were hunted by them. However, Neanderthals also ate cooked vegetables.

Neanderthals Diet
Neanderthals Diet

Facts about Neanderthals 9: Neanderthals intelligence

We might think that Neanderthals was less of intelligence. However, it was totally wrong! They did many things that showed their intelligence, including controlled fire, hunted, buried their dead, planned, worked in groups, and used tools.

Facts about Neanderthals 10: Eagle Talons

Around 130,000 years ago, Eagle Talons were found in a Neanderthal cave in Croatia. Neanderthal used Eagle Talons as jewellery such as bracelet or necklace. They cut and notched the talons to make them. Besides, all the talons come from white tailed eagles.

Eagle Talons
Eagle Talons


We have talked facts about Neanderthals. Do you know other facts about them? Let us know!


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