10 Interesting Facts about NBA

Facts about NBA will inform you about the top professional basketball league in the United States. NBA stands for National Basketball Association. The head offices and international offices of league are located in the Olympic Tower at 645 Fifth Avenue in New York City. Whereas the NBA Entertainment and NBA TV studios are located in the Secaucus, New Jersey. There are many players in the league such as Pau Gasol (Spain), Yao Ming (China), Dirk Nowitski (Germany), Manu Ginobili (Argentina), and Tony Parker (France). The other facts about NBA will be explained below. And the fact that the equipment to use in the game or arena is very important to secure the safety of the players, click here now to find out the best materials to use.

Facts about NBA 1: History

The history of NBA came from two leagues. They were Basketball Association of America (BAA) and National Basketball League (NBL). The BAA was formed on June 6, 1946 in New York City and merged with the NBL in 1949. Then, they become National Basketball Association (NBA) today’s.

Facts about NBA 2: NBA Teams

Approximately, there are 30 teams in the NBA. The teams are divided into two conferences, called the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. Each conference has three divisions and each division has 5 teams. Atlantic, Central, and Southeast are three divisions of the Eastern conference. Whereas Northwest, Pacific, and Southwest are the divisions of the Western conference.

NBA Teams
NBA Teams

Facts about NBA 3: The characteristics

If you want to be NBA players, there
are many characteristics which is needed by NBA. First, the minimun age is 20 and the maximum age is 40 years old. Second, NBA needs
7+ foot tall American male.

Facts about NBA 4: WNBA

WNBA stands for Woman’s National Basketball Association. It is a professional basketball league for women players which was started in 1997. There are 12 teams in the WNBA. Sheryl Swoopes, Lisa Leslie, and Lauren Jackson are some of the star players in the WNBA.

Woman's National Basketball Association (WNBA)
Woman’s National Basketball Association (WNBA)

Facts about NBA 5: NBA Players

There are fifteen players in each team of NBA. Twelve players play in a game as active players and the other three in reserve. Besides, the positions in the NBA are set by the coach.

Facts about NBA 6: Highest Salary

Kevin Garnett was one of the NBA players who got the highest salary. He received $28,000,000. Whereas Larry Owens received minimum salary. It was $21,049.

Kevin Garnett
Kevin Garnett

Facts about NBA 7: The condition of NBA’s ex-players

Approximately, there are around 60% NBA’s ex-players that are bankrupt after five years of retirement from NBA.

Facts about NBA 8: The tallest and shorter player

There are the tallest and shorter player in the NBA. Gheorghe Muresan (7’7″) is the tallest man who ever play in the NBA. He joined five seasons in the NBA. Whereas the shorter player is Muggsy Bogues (5’3″).

Gheorghe Muresan
Gheorghe Muresan

Facts about NBA 9: The Largest Shoe Size

Shaquille O’Neal is NBA player who has the largest shoe size. It is 24-EEE.

Facts about NBA 10: Winning more than three times

As we know that there are many teams in the NBA. However, some of them have won more than three until four times. They are the Lakers, Celtics, San Antonio Spurs, and

The Lakers
The Lakers


We have talked facts about NBA. Do you know other facts about it? Let us know!

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