10 Interesting Facts about NATO

Have you ever heard about NATO? What is it? A defence alliance which was established in 1949 will be explained on Facts about NATO. It stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The treaty was signed by Dean Acheson on April 4, 1949 in Washington, D.C., USA. NATO is also known as the North Atlantic Alliance, the Western Alliance, or the Atlantic Alliance. It has 29 members in the Europe and North America. Whereas Brussels, Belgium is the headquarters of NATO.  There are still many information about NATO and here are ten interesting facts about NATO.

Facts about NATO 1: The first meeting

The first meeting of NATO Council Deputies was held on July 25, 1950 in London and Charles M. Spofford was chosen as permanent chairman.

Facts about NATO 2: The purpose of NATO

NATO was formed after the Second World War. It aimed to create a mutual defense pact for Soviet invasion against Western Europe.


Facts about NATO 3: Language

There are two official languages of NATO. They are English and French.

Facts about NATO 4: Harry S. Truman

Harry S Truman was the 33rd American President who was born on May 8, 1884 and died on December 26, 1972. He served as president from April 12, 1945 to January 20, 1953. During his presidency, NATO became one of the important events.

Harry S. Truman
Harry S. Truman

Facts about NATO 5: Three defensive plans

NATO made three defensive plans for Turkey in the event war with Iraq. They were aircraft, chemical and biological defense mechanisms, and missiles.

Facts about NATO 6: Membership

As we know that there are many members of NATO around the world. They are Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungaria, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, and United States.

The members of NATO
The members of NATO

Facts about NATO 7: The original members of NATO

Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the United States are the original members of NATO.

Facts about NATO 8: Secretaries General of NATO

Lord Ismay (1952-1957), Paul-Henri Spaak (1957-1961), Dirk Stikker (1961-1964), Manlio Brosio (1964-1971), Joseph Luns (1971-1984), Lord Carrington (1984-1988), Manfred Worner (1988-1994), Willy Claes (1994-1995), Javier Solana (1995-1999), Lord Robertson (1999-2014), Jens Stoltenberg (2014-present)
are the secretaries general of NATO.

Lord Ismay

Facts about NATO 9: History

Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic are three former communist countries who joined the NATO in 1999 (after the Cold War). After that, there were many European and Eastern European who joined NATO (on March 2004), including Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Bulgaria. Then, NATO asked Croatia and Albania to join with them on April 2008. Whereas Republic of Macedonia only got conditional invitation by NATO. It was because the name of Republic of Macedonia dispute with Greece. Besides, Greece also vetoed it. 

Facts about NATO 10: Russia

Soviet Russia joined with NATO to help preserve peace NATO. NATO gave a formal role and an improved role to Russia in 1997 and 2002.

 Russian at NATO
Russian at NATO

We have talked facts about NATO. Are you interested to read this article? Do you have anything to add about NATO? Hopefully, this article will help you to know more about this organization. Enjoy Reading!

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