10 Interesting Facts about Monticello

Facts about Monticello will inform you about the home, farm and plantation of President Thomas Jefferson. It is located in south-central Virginia, U.S. There were two stages of construction work, the first Monticello in 1769 and completed in 1784, whereas the second Monticello was started in 1796 until 1809. Monticello was built after Jefferson inhereted land from his father at the age 26. Approximately, he needed about forty years to design and built it. There are many still information about Monticello that will be explainded below.

Facts about Monticello 1: The name of Monticello

Monticello comes from Italian word which means “little mountain” or “hillock.”

Facts about Monticello 2: Unique building

Monticello is a unique building, especially its design. At the time, when most home was designed based on the English architectural handbook, but Monticello was different. Jefferson made the blueprints of the mansion, gardens, outbuildings, and grounds by himself. Besides, when many landowners used imported brick from England. His own bricks were baked with clay found on the property, even the mold was chosen by Jefferson. Whereas stone, limestone, lumber, nails were materials which was used to construct the building.


Facts about Monticello 3: Skylights

Approximately, there were 13 skylights in the Monticello. It was because Jefferson loved natural light.

Facts about Monticello 4: New version of Monticello

There were many enhancements of Monticello, including an octagonal dome, a central hallway, and a mezzanine bedroom floor. In the Monticello, you can also find Jefferson’s European art, collections of books, and Native American artifacts. Besides, there were Jefferson’s inventions such as a copying machine, a toenail clipper, a revolving bookstand, a spherical sundial, and more.

Facts about Monticello 5: The United Nations World Heritage List

Monticello belongs to the United Nations World Heritage List. It ranked along with the Tower of London and the Great Wall of China. Besides, Monticello became the only American residence that include in the prestigious list.

Facts about Monticello 6: The slaves of Monticello

As we know that there are many slaves who take care of plantation in Monticello. They were tending Monticello’s garden and livestock, plowing field, or even working in textile factory.

Facts about Monticello 7: Monticello’s Garden

Monticello is very popular due to its wide garden. Jefferson is painstaking with his work in horticultural. There are many hundreds of varieties of vegetables and fruits there such as grape.

Facts about Monticello 8: Dome

As we know that Montivello has an octagonal dome. It became the first dome which was applied on a house in America. The glass of the dome was made in Austria.

Monticello's Dome
Monticello’s Dome

Facts about Monticello 9: Monticello after the death of Jefferson

Jefferson was in debt when he died on July 4, 1826. That’s why Martha Randolph, his daughter sold the Monticello to Uriah Levy in 1836. Then, he and his nephew were doing
restoration and preservation of Monticello. However, the property then was purchased by Thomas Jefferson Foundation in 1923. The organization decided to operate it as an educational institution and museum.

Facts about Monticello 10: Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States. He was born on April 13, 1743 in Shadwell, Virginia and died on July 4, 1826. Peter and Jane Jefferson were his parents and has ten children. Jefferson was the third of six sisters and three brothers.

Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson


We have talked facts about Monticello. Do you have other facts about it?

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