10 Interesting Facts about Montevideo

Have you ever heard about Uruguay? The citizens of Uruguay is called as Uruguayans or Uruguayan people. Whereas the capital and the largest city of Uruguay will be explained on Facts about Montevideo. It is located in the southern coast of the country. The city measures 526 square kilometers and has a population of 1,319,108. There are many beautiful views that can be seen in Montevideo such as beaches, parks, museums, buildings, and more. Here are ten interesting facts about the city.

Facts about Montevideo 1: History

Spanish soldier found Montevideo in 1726. At the time, the city became an important commercial center. Today’s  it becomes the shopping centers. Besides, there are many buildings with historic areas at there.

Facts about Montevideo 2: The Prado

The Prado is one of the popular park and tourist destination in Montevideo. The park is also known as Parque Pardo. There are many beautiful views such as fountains, rose garden, monument, and fairgrounds. Besides, the visitor can also see fantastic botanical garden with many thousands of plant species at there.

The Prado
The Prado

Facts about Montevideo 3: Climate

Montevideo belongs to subtropical area. It is warm in the summers, cool in the winters, and volatile in the spring.

Facts about Montevideo 4: The Cabildo

The Cabildo is one of the impressive buildings of Montevideo which was used as the government palace, the legislative palace, and the cathedral. It is located on Constitution Square, in Ciudad Vieja. However, today’s the Cabildo is used as museum and houses the Historical Archive of the city.

The Montevideo Cabildo
The Montevideo Cabildo

Facts about Montevideo 5: Cuisines

There are many traditional cuisines which is located in Mercado del Puerto. Here are some example of the cuisine; grilled lamb with mint and garlic, pheasant marinated in cognac, and duck confit with red cabbage.

Facts about Montevideo 6: Transportation

Bus becomes easy transportation to get around Montevideo. People can visit all of the town by bus. Besides, the Tres Cruces Bus Terminal is the place to take a bus.

The Tres Cruces Bus Terminal
The Tres Cruces Bus Terminal

Facts about Montevideo 7: Major Industries

There are major industries of Montevideo including wines, textiles, railway factories, dairy items, tourism, and packaged meats.

Facts about Montevideo 8: Shopping Mall

The Montevideo Shopping Mall is one of the popular shopping mall which was opened in 1985. It also became the first shopping mall which was built in Montevideo. The other malls are Punta Carretas Shopping, Shopping Tres Cruces, and Portones Shopping.

Montevideo Shopping Mall
Montevideo Shopping Mall

Facts about Montevideo 9: Pickpockets

Like all cities in many country, there are many pickpockets in Montevideo. That’s why you have to keep your bags and bring your passport and credit cards with you.

Facts about Montevideo 10: Palacio Salvo

Palacio Salvo is a building in Montevideo which is located at the intersection of Plaza Independencia and 18 de Julio Avenue. An Italian architect, Mario Palanti designed this building with 100 meters high. There are everything inside the building such as a cinema and a hotel.

Palacio Salvo
Palacio Salvo

We have talked facts about Montevideo. Do you have anything to add about this amazing city? Hopefully, this article will help you to know more about Montevideo. Enjoy reading!

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