10 Interesting Facts about Montenegro

Do you know Montenegro? Have you ever visit there? Facts about Montenegro will inform you about a country in Southeastern Europe. Montenegro is bordered with many countries, including Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. The capital city in Montenegro is Podgorica. It also becomes the largest city. Approximately, there are around 622,218 people in the country. Besides, there are many beautiful views that can be seen at there, such as rivers, mountains, beaches, and more. Here are ten interesting facts about

Facts about Montenegro 1: Name of Montenegro

The name of Montenegro derives from two words, ‘monte’ and ‘negro’ which means Black Mountain. That’s because the dark mountain forests that cover the land.

Facts about Montenegro 2: The president of Montenegro

Filip Vujanovic is the president of Montenegro. He was born on September 1, 1954. He served as president since 2003 and became the first president of the country since its independence. Whereas Dusko Markovic is the prime minister.

Filip Vujanovic, the president of Montenegro
Filip Vujanovic, the president of Montenegro

Facts about Montenegro 3: Language

The official language of Montenegro is Montenegrin. Whereas Serbian, Albanian, Bosnian, and Croarmtin are regional languages.

Facts about Montenegro 4: The Montenegro’s Flag

Officially, the flag was adopted on July 13, 2004. The background color of Montenegro’s flag is red with a golden border. Besides, the national coat of arms centered in front of the flag.

The Montenegro's Flag
The Montenegro’s Flag

Facts about Montenegro 5: Major industries

The major industries of Montenegro are aluminum, tourism, food processing, and steel making. Besides, the country also has popular items such as ceramics, handmade carpets, art, wood carvings, filigree jewelry, tapestries, and wine.

Facts about Montenegro 6: Agricultural Products

Tobacco, grains, potatoes, fruits, citrus, olives, and grapes are agricultural products of Montenegro.

Tobacco in Montenegro
Tobacco in Montenegro

Facts about Montenegro 7: National Holiday

The national holiday in Montenegro was celebrated on July 13. It is also known as Statehood Day.

Facts about Montenegro 8: Traditional cuisine

As we know that each country has traditional cuisine. Montenegro has pivski kajmak (milk cream), Njegski prsut (smoked ham), lamb or meat, cicvara, goat cheese, kacamak (a maize-based porridge), and clear fish soup as its traditional cuisine. Montenegrins usually enjoyed the meal with local wine, grape brandy, and loza.

Njegski prsut (smoked ham)
Njegski prsut (smoked ham)

Facts about Montenegro 9: The deepest and narrowest canyon

The deepest canyon in Europe is canyon of the River Tara. Approximately, it can reach 1,300 meters in depth. Whereas the narrowest canyon is canyon of the river Cievna. Both of them is located in Montenegro.

Facts about Montenegro 10: Rivers of Montenegro

There are many rivers in Montenegro, including Bijela, Bistrica, Bukovica, Bojana, Cijevna, Tara, Zeta, Cehotina, Grncar, Ibar, Komarnica, Lim, Ljesnica, Ljubovida, Ljuca, Mala rijeka, Mrtvica, Morava, Piva, Ospanica, Ribnica, Savnik, Verusa, Vrmosa, and more. The Tara River is known for its clean and clear water. That’s why you can drink the water from Tara river immediately.

Tara River
Tara River


We have talked facts about Montenegro. Are you interested to read this article? Do you have anything to add about this beautiful country? Hopefully, this article will help you to know more about Montenegro. Enjoy reading!

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