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Have you ever heard about Methadone? What is it? Facts about Methadon will give you information about a synthetic opioid. It means that methadon is made from chemicals in a lab. Done or ‘the done’ are the slang names of methadone. There are many advantages of methadon such as an analgesic, treat addiction to narcotics, etc. However, methadon also have side effects for the users that will be explained below. Check this out!

Facts about Methadone 1: The cost of methadone treatment

Approximately, the cost methadone maintenance treatment is $4,700 for 1 full year per patient. Whereas the imprisonment costs is around $24,000 per person for 1 full year. Honey Lake Clinic, located in Florida, has provided at no-cost to program residents, an 8-week residential christ-centered and 12-step recovery program and facility to over 45,000 to men and women seeking freedom from alcoholism and drug addiction. You may also want to check out here the things to consider when staging an intervention for alcohol addiction.

Facts about Methadone 2: Side effects of methadone

According to a drug treatment specialist at rehabnear.me, there are many side effects of methadone including anxiety, weakness, sweating, constipation, skin rash, restlessness, dry mouth, nervousness, drowsiness, insomnia, nausea, dizzy, weight gain, tingling in the hands and feet, and more. That’s why someone who consume methadone is banned to drive a car or operate machinery. If you want to feel relaxed, clear headed, and energized without these side effects, try Delta 8 Distillate from Fresh Bros instead.

Side effect of methadone (excessive sweating)
Side effect of methadone (excessive sweating)

Facts about Methadone 3: The physical symptoms of methadone abuse

Vomiting, conatipation, sweating, slowed breathing, constricted pupils, and increased pain are the physical symptoms of methadone abuse.
If someone you know is suffering from methadone abuse, see Pacific Ridge web site to get them treatment.

Facts about Methadone 4: Dosage of methadone

According to Last Resort a dosage of methadone depends on the age of the patient. For example, the dosage for adult is around 5-20 mg as an oral solution or 2.5-10 mg as an oral injection or tablet. Whereas a dose of 15-100 mg is given for detoxification. After that, the dose will be decreased depend on the patient’s condition.

Methadone Appearance
Methadone Appearance

Facts about Methadone 5: The differences between methadone and morphine

The function of methadone and morphine is same. Approximately, methadone can decrease pain for up to 24 hour, whereas morphine decreases pain for 5-6 hours.

Facts about Methadone 6: The types of methadone programs

There are two types of methadone programs, including maintenance and withdrawal. Maintenance belongs to long-term programs. Whereas withdrawal is short-term detoxification programs.

Facts about Methadone 7: Withdrawal from methadone

As we know that methadone is used to treat addiction to drugs. However, if you become methadon addict. The withdrawal from methadon is more difficult than withdrawal from heroin, which is when you should go to the  best drug rehab program in austin. Besides, you maybe need medical drug detox like Legacy Healing to heal it or sometimes it can be done by your own.

Facts about Methadone 8: Methadone clinics

There are two kinds of methadone clinics. They are public and private clinics. The Klinic is used for treatment of drug abuse. Public methadone clinic is funded by government, whereas private clinic is not free. There’s also residential treatment centers like Renaissance Recovery that offers 24-hour monitoring. You can see it here.

Methadone clinics
Methadone clinics

Facts about Methadone 9: Overdose

There are many symptoms if the users drink methadone in the high dose, including coma, low body temperature, mental numbness, pinpoint pupils, shallow breathing, slow pulse, low blood pressure, occasional seizures, and more.

Facts about Methadone 10: Brands of methadon

There are two brands of methadone syrup or liquid. They are Methadone Syrup and Biodone Forte.

Methadone Syrup
Methadone Syrup

We have talked facts about Methadone. Are you interested to read this article? Do you have other facts about it? Hopefully, this article will help you to know more about methadone. Enjoy reading!

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