10 Interesting Facts about Meteorology

Facts about Meteorology will give you information about the study of Earth’s atmosphere. Whereas scientists or people who study atmosphere are called meteorologists. Meteorologists record many data to understand the weather such as direction, air pressure, temperature, water vapor, weather patterns, wind speed, humidity, and more. That’s why the weather can be predicted by them. During forest fire seasons, meteorology is very useful. There are many still information that will be explained below.

Facts about Meteorology 1: The meaning of meteorology

Meteorology comes from the Greek words ‘meteoros’ and ‘logia’ which means ‘in the sky’ and ‘study’.

Facts about Meteorology 2: The founder of meteorology

Aristotle is the founder of meteorology. Approximately, he wrote about meteorology in 350BC. Whereas another ancient Greek who wrote a book about meteorology was Theophrastus. The title of his book was ‘The Book of Signs’.


Facts about Meteorology 3: The factors

Predicting weather is very hard. There are many things in the atmosphere that can change the weather acts such as air pressure, jet stream, moisture, and ocean currents. Jet stream is one of the factors that help meteorologists to predict the weather.

Facts about Meteorology 4: The subjects

Physics, algebra, computer science, chemistry, and calculus are the important subjects which is related to meteorology. To become a meteorologist, you have to good in math and science in the middle and high school. Besides, you also need a Bachelor of Science degree or a Masters or Doctorate degree in Meteorology.

Facts about Meteorology 5: The importance of knowing the weather

Knowing the weather is very important for many occupations such as farmers, pilots, ship captains, and more. For farmers, knowing the weather will help them to prepare their crops. For pilots, it will help them to make sure their flight will be save or not. Whereas for captains, it will help them to decide what they will go out onto the oceans or not.

Facts about Meteorology 6: Troposphere

Troposphere is the lowest part or bottom layer of the atmosphere. It is around six to ten miles thick.

Facts about Meteorology 7: The Sun and The Moisture

The cause of weather come from the sun and the moisture. From clouds, they work together to make rain and thunderstorms. Then, the wind blows due to the air.

Facts about Meteorology 8: Meteorological Technology

There are many tools which are used by meteorologists to measure and predict the weather. They are doppler radar, satellites, anemometer, rain gauge, thermometer, barometer, and computer. Doppler radar is used to show where and how much rain is falling, satellites to take pictures of clouds from space, anemometer to measure wind speed, rain gauge to measure precipitation, thermometer to measure temperature, barometer to measure air pressure, and computer is used to import and export data.

Doppler radar
Doppler radar

Facts about Meteorology 9: Hint

There are hints about the weather from animals. Before it rains ants form a line, sheep’s wool uncurls, cows lie down, and more.

Facts about Meteorology 10: Movies

There are many movies which use meteorology for the basis action, including The Day After Tomorrow, Groundhog Day, Twister, and The Day After Tomorrow.

The Day After Tomorrow
The Day After Tomorrow

We have talked facts about Meteorology. Do yo know other facts about it? Let us know!

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