10 Interesting Facts about Medieval Knights

Have you ever heard about Medieval knights? Who are they? Facts about Medieval knights will inform you about special warrior who ride on horseback. A knight usually comes from noble family, especially wealthiest noble. It is because the important items which are used by knights are very expensive, such as armor, weapons, and war horse. Besides, someone can be knighted if they fight in battle. There are still many information about knights that will be explained below.

Facts about Medieval Knights 1: Armor

As we know that armor is the valuable thing for knights. At the Medieval Ages, armor was made from metal. Besides, there were two kinds of armor. They are chain mail and plate armor.

Facts about Medieval Knights 2: Chain mail

Chain mail was a kind of knight’s armor with a long cloak named a hauberk. It was made of metal rings. That’s why the weight was very heavy. It was around 30 pounds. Besides, it was also flexible and provided good protection. However, thin sword and arrow could pierce it.

Chain mail
Chain mail

Facts about Medieval Knights 3: Plate armor

After chain armor, the next was plate armor which was also known as harness. It gave better protection than chair armor. However, chain armor was more flexible and heavier than plate armor. The weight of plate armor was around 60 pounds and every single piece had a unique name. They were Greaves (for ankles and calves), Sabatons (for feet), Poleyns (for knees), Cuisses (for thighs), Gauntlets (for hands), Vambrace (for lower arms), Pauldron (for shoulders), Breastplate (for chest), Rerebrace (for upper arms), and Helmet (for head).

Facts about Medieval Knights 4: Weapons

There were many kind of weapons of the Medieval Ages. They were lance, sword, mace, and longbow.

Lance weapon
Lance weapon

Facts about Medieval Knights 5: Siege Weapons

Siege weapons were special weapons which were used to capture castles. There were many kind of these weapons, including belfry, catapult, and battering ram.

Facts about Medieval Knights 6: Training

Before becoming a knight, there were many steps that should be done. The first step was being a page. It meant that he had to be a servant boy who served his lord. The next step was squire. A squire had to serve a specific knight, such as preparing all of the knight’s items. The last step was being knighted. The process of it was also known as dubbing.

Facts about Medieval Knights 7: The title “Sir”

The title “Sir” was given to a knight at the end of the Knighthood ceremony.

Facts about Medieval Knights 8: War Horse

Destrier was war horse for knight that was used for battle. Not only the knight who wore armor, but also the horse. It aimed to protect the horse, such as head, neck, and sides. Besides, war horse also determined the life and death for a knight.

War horse
War horse

Facts about Medieval Knights 9: Ladies items

When knights were jousting, they usually wore ladies items such as a veil, scraft, and sleeve.

Facts about Medieval Knights 10: William Marshal

The biggest hero in England was William Marshal. He was the best for tournament knight in battle, defeated Richard I. Besides, he also became the character in Robin Hood movies.

William Marshal
William Marshal

We have talked facts about Medieval Knights. Do you know other facts about them?

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