10 Interesting Facts about Medieval Japan

Did you know the history of Medieval Japan? Facts about Medieval Japan will give you information about period where Shogun became a leader. It also known as the feudal period of Japan. Besides the Shogun, the Daimyo and Samurai also ruled japan. They had own resposibilities to protect their land. There are still many information about Medieval Japan that will be expalined below. Check this out!

Facts about Medieval Japan 1: Society in the Medieval Japan

There were two classes of society in the Medieval Japan. They were the noble and the peasants. The population of the noble class was around twelve percent. Whereas the rest of the population was the peasants.

Facts about Medieval Japan 2: Emperor and Shogun

The highest ranking nobles in the Medieval Japan were the Emperor and the Shogun. The shogun had a special sword which was called as nihonto. Besides, the shogun also had more power than the emperor.

The shogun
The Shogun

Facts about Medieval Japan 3: Peasants

There were several sub-classes of peasants, including farmers, craftsmen or artisans, and merchants. Farmers were the highest ranking of the peasants. Whereas the second highest ranking were the craftsmen. They worked to make samurai swords with metal and wood. The lowest ranking were merchants. However, the merchants became more wealthy when Japan had currency.

Facts about Medieval Japan 4: Daimyo

The Daimyo were powerful warlords who ruled and protected the land in Japan. The military and economic power were completed by Daimyo with their province. Besides, Daimyo could be a shogun if he was very successful and powerful.

The Daimyo
The Daimyo

Facts about Medieval Japan 5: Religion

The religion in the medieval Japan was Buddhism.

Facts about Medieval Japan 6: Women

Women who belonged to the noble family were not allowed to become samurai. However, they could take part in politics.

Women in Medieval Japan
Women in Medieval Japan

Facts about Medieval Japan 7: Attacking random

As we know that Samurai sword should be tasted before used in the battle. They usually practiced cuts on the corpses and the bodies of criminals. However, Samurai sometimes tasted their sword by attacking random called tsujigiri or “crossroads killing” in medieval Japan. Actually, tsujigiri were rare to be practiced due to it was banned in Edo era.

Facts about Medieval Japan 8: Samurai

Samurai warriors was very special. They had many privilages, including a surname, two swords, and a family crest. Although Samurai worked under Daimyo, but their social status was higher than common people. Besides, they also commited suicide or seppuku as a punishment if they made a mistake. It was because their loyalty to the Daimyo.


Facts about Medieval Japan 9: Shogunates

Kamakura shogunate, Muromachi shogunate or Ashikaga shogunate,
and Edo shogunate or Tokugawa shogunate were three shogunates in Japan.

Facts about Medieval Japan 10: The Samurai swords

There were two kind of Samurai swords. The first was small sword with 12-24 inches long. The other one was long sword with more than 24 inches long. The strong steel was material to make Samurai swords.

Samurai swords
Samurai swords

We have talked facts about Medieval Japan. Do you know other facts about it? Let us know!

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