10 Interesting Facts about Mechanical Engineering

Have you ever heard about mechanical engineering? A branch that deals with the design of complex system, construction, tools, and machines will be explained on Facts about mechanical engineering. People who do engineering are known as engineers. Things that move such as trains, cars are designed by mechanical engineers. They also design factories, electricity generating stations, and oil refineries. That’s why they work in many industry, including tool manufacture, transportation, and power generation. Here are ten interesting facts about mechanical engineering.

Facts about Mechanical Engineering 1: The name of engineering

Engineering comes from the Latin word which means ‘cleverness’.

Facts about Mechanical Engineering 2: History

Mechanical engineering has been around in the ancient Greece and China. The first machines which were created are screw, wheel and axle, inclined plane and pulley system. They made them to make the tasks easier. Then, the simple machines were used to create tools such as carts, ancient seismograph, and wheelbarrows.

Wheel and axle
Wheel and axle

Facts about Mechanical Engineering 3: Education

Engineers usually learn engineering at the university. Whereas in high school, they learn biology, physics, geometry, chemistry, computer science, and more. Whereas math and science are the important subjects for them.

Facts about Mechanical Engineering 4: Major achievements

There are many achievements in the
mechanical engineering field. They are wind and water turbines, steam engines, and internal combustion engines.

Facts about Mechanical Engineering 5: Types of engineering

There are many types of engineering. Mechanical engineering is one of them, followed by civil engineering, software engineering, chemical engineering, and electrical engineering.

Facts about Mechanical Engineering 6: Sub fields of mechanical engineering

There are many sub fields of mechanical engineering, including Acoustics, Automatic Control, System and Control, Combustion, Robotics, Manufacturing, Maintenance, and more.

Facts about Mechanical Engineering 7: The importance of Mechanical Engineers

As we know that mechanical engineers are very important for us. Without them, we cannot use elevators, trains, cars, planes, buses, television, refrigerator, spoon, fork, boats, and more. All of the things around us are made by mechanical engineers. That’s why we have to say thanks to them.

Facts about Mechanical Engineering 8: Famous engineers

There are many famous engineers around the world. They are Neil Armstrong, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Leonardo da Vinci.

Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong

Facts about Mechanical Engineering 9: Engineeering games

Many people believe that all hey do is repair works, this is simply not true! There is a different branch for this altogether, Check This Out and enlighten yourself. If you like something which is related to engineering. You should try these games: a solar car racing game and a bionic arm game. You can learn to design a car that only uses energy of sun as fuel in the a solar car racing game. Whereas in the a bionic arm game, you can design and test a bionic arm using the available materials and components.

Facts about Mechanical Engineering 10: The basic task

Developing new systems and technologies is the basic task of mechanical engineers. The aim is to extend the physical abilities and simplify our lives.

Mechanical engineer
Mechanical engineer

We have talked facts about mechanical engineering. Are you interested to read this article? Do you know other facts about it? Hopefully this article will help you to know more about mechanical engineering. Enjoy reading!

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