10 Interesting Facts about Jungles

Have you ever visited jungle? What is the differences between jungle and rainforest? Facts about jungles will inform you about land which is covered with dense vegetation, especially tree. Jungle is located near the equator. It also belongs to unique ecosystems, because it can connect plants and animals in one area. Besides, jungle only fills six percent of the Earth. Walking through the jungle is not easy. Because we have to cut down branches, bushes, and vines to walk. If you like your home to be filled with plants and trees, Texas landscape Company Twinwood Farms offers native trees and grass.

Facts about jungles 1: The word ‘jungle’

The word ‘jungle’ comes from a Sanskrit word (an ancient language from India) which means ‘uncultivated land’.

Facts about jungles 2: Plants

Palm trees, the Brazil-nut tree, epiphytes, vines, ferns, moss are plants which can be found in the jungle. Instead of being helpful, they became poisonous toxins for animals. They cannot be eaten or attacked by animals due to they live in the harsh environment. “Additionally, it also the way for plants to protect themselves from danger,” says an arborist from The Local Tree Experts.

Palm trees in the jungle
Palm trees in the jungle

Facts about jungles 3: The important of jungle

As we know that jungle is the lungs of the planet. They are producing oxygen, absorbing carbon dioxide, and have a role as a greenhouse gas. That’s why jungle is very important for the creature.

Facts about jungles 4: Animals

There are many animals which can be found in the jungle. They are tigers, gorillas, monkeys, orangutans, jaguars, reptiles, insects, pythons, elephants, birds, and orhther animals.

Orangutan in the jungle
Orangutan in the jungle

Facts about jungles 5: The weather

Hot and humid are the weather in the jungle. It is a warm place with high rainfall which can help plants to grow.

Facts about jungles 6: The Law of the Jungle

Here we are going to discuss about the saying of The Law of the Jungle. ‘The Law of the Jungle’ comes from the collection of Rudyard Kipling’s book called ‘The Jungle Book’ which was published in 1894.

Facts about jungles 7: ‘The King of the Jungle’

Everybody knows that The King of the Jungle are lions. It is quite weird because lions live in the savannah or grassland, not in the jungle.

Facts about jungles 8: The Amazon jungle

The largest tropical rainforest in the world is The Amazon jungle. It is located in the Brazil.

The Amazon jungle
The Amazon jungle

Facts about jungles 9: Jungle ropes

There are many ropes in the jungle. As you can see that Tarzan swings on the ropes which are called as lianas (from the Latin word ‘ligare’ which means ‘to bind’). The ropes snake up trees to the light and twist themselves around the canopy. Besides, the treetops are also bound together by them.

Facts about jungles 10: The differences between Jungles and Rainforests

Although jungles and rainforests have similar plants and animals. But, the trees in the rainforest are taller than in the jungle. In the rainforest, the trees can create a canopy. That’s why sunlight is difficult to shine on. Whereas in the jungle, there are many small plants such as herbaceous plants, vines, young trees, and lianas which make people difficult to walk.


We have talked facts about jungles. Do you have anything to add about this amazing information? Let us know!

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