10 Interesting Facts about Joan Aiken

Facts about Joan Aiken will inform you about English writer. Joan Delano Aiken is her full name. She was born on September 4, 1924 in Mermaid Street in Rye, East Sussex, England, United Kindom and died on January 4, 2004 in Petworth. The genre of her writing is about supernatural fiction, alternative history, and children’s literature. Conrad Aiken is her father and Jessie MacDonald is her mother. Besides, she also has older brother named John Aiken and her older sister is Jane Aiken Hodge. Here are ten interesting facts about Joan Aiken.

Facts about Joan Aiken 1: A family of writers

Do you know about Joan Aiken’s family? Yup, as we know that Joan Aiken is a writer. However, her step father (Martin Amstrong), her older sister, and her older brother are also a writer.

Facts about Joan Aiken 2: The inspiration books

John Masefield’s The Midnight Folk and The Box of Delights are the two books that influenced her to write a full-length novel. She found that book in her school.

John Masefield’s The Midnight Folk is the inspiration book of Joan Aiken
John Masefield’s The Midnight Folk is the inspiration book of Joan Aiken

Facts about Joan Aiken 3: The first novel

At an early age, Aiken started to write stories and finally can finish her full-length novel. Besides, at the age of 16 she also published her first novel.

Facts about Joan Aiken 4: Awards

Aiken got may awards of her writing. The Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize (1968) and the Edgar Allan Poe Award (1972) are the prestigious awards which is gotten by her.

Facts about Joan Aiken 5: Marriage

Ronald George Brown is husband of Aiken. He is a journalist and partner with Aiken in London, in 1945. Aiken has four children with Brown. Unfortunately, her husband died in 1955. After that, Aiken married Julius Goldstein. He is a teacher and painter from New York, in 1976.

Facts about Joan Aiken 6: A lot of books

As we know that Aiken has created a lot of books for her career. Approximately, more than one hundred books were published by her.

Facts about Joan Aiken 7: Librarian

United Nations Information Centre, London is a place where Joan Aiken worked as a librarian in 1943 to 1949. After married, she worked at Argony (magazine).

Facts about Joan Aiken 8: Education

Wychwood School in Oxford is the school of Joan Aiken. She studied fom 1936 to 1940. Unfortunately, she did not continue to the university.

Wychwood School in Oxford
Wychwood School in Oxford

Facts about Joan Aiken 9: The favorite author of Joan Aiken

Although Joan Aiken is a writer. She also has favorite children’s book author such as Francis Hodgon Burnett, Peter Dickinson, E. Weatherall, Susan Cooper, Phillipa Pearce, Barbara Willard, Laurence Houseman, Kastner, Walter de Lamara, J. RR Tolkien, Rudyard Kipling, T.H White, John Masefield, E.E. Nesbit, and George Macdonald.

Facts about Joan Aiken 10: Children’s books and adult novels

There are many children’s books and adult novels which are written by Joan Aiken. All You’ve Ever Wanted (1968), The Kingdom and The Cave (1960), Tales of Arabel’s Raven (1974), Voices Hippo (1988), and Dangerous Games (1999) are the examples of her children’s books. Whereas, The Silence of Herondale (1964), Castle Barebane (1976), Mansfield Revisited (1985), Cold Shoulder Road (1995), Moon cake and Other Stories (1998) are the examples of adult novels.

The Kingdom and The Cave (1960)
The Kingdom and The Cave (1960)

We have talked facts about Joan Aiken. Do you know other facts about Joan Aiken?

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