10 Interesting Facts about Jim Thorpe

Facts about Jim Thorpe will give you information about an American athlete in football, track, and baseball. He was also an Native American tribe of the Sac and Fox. Jim was born on May 28, 1888 in Prague, Oklahoma and died on March 28, 1953 in Lomita, California. His full name was James Francis Thorpe which also known as the greatest athletes at that time. Whereas Wa-Tho-Huk was Jim’s native name which meant Bright Path. The other facts about Jim Thrope will be explained below.

Facts about Jim Thorpe 1: Early Life

Jim lived with his family in Oklahoma. He loved to play in outdoors. With his twin brother, he learned to hunt, set a trap, and ride a horse. Besides, he was also strong and athletic child.

Facts about Jim Thorpe 2: Marriage

Jim Thorpe had been married three times. He married Iva Miller in 1913 and had four children. Second marriage with Freeda Kirkpatrick
in 1926, they had four boys. Third marriage was Patricia Askew in 1945.

Iva Miller
Iva Miller

Facts about Jim Thorpe 3: Charlie

Charlie was twin brother of Jim. He was very smart. He helped Jim at school because Jim didn’t like school at all. Unfortunately, he died when he was nine years old due to sick.

Facts about Jim Thorpe 4: School

Jim studied at the local Indian boarding school when he was six years old. Unfortunately, he decided to quit school because his twin brother died. Then, his father sent him to another school in Lawrence, Kansas. At the age of sixteen, he continued to study at Carlisle Indian Industrial School.

Carlisle Indian Industrial School
Carlisle Indian Industrial School

Facts about Jim Thorpe 5: Carlisle Indian Industrial School

Jim started to play track at Carlisle Indian Industrial School. For the first time, he joined the track team and Pop Warner is his coach of Carlisle.
He could win the track events such as sprints, jump, and the hurdles at major college.

Facts about Jim Thorpe 6: Playing Football

After joining the track team, Jim continued to join with football team. Glenn Pop Warner still became his coach. Jim played very well. That’s why he became the star of the team. Besides, he also played place kicker, defense, running back, and punter.

Facts about Jim Thorpe 7: Olympics

Jim joined with the United States Olympic team in 1912. He involved in the the pentathlon and the decathlon. There were five events in the pentathlon, including long jump, javelin throw, discus throw, 200 meter dash, and the 1500 meter race. Whereas ten track and field events belong to decathlon. From the events, Jim got the gold medal. It’s amazing!

Facts about Jim Thorpe 8: Professional Sports

There were many professional sports which were played by Jim including baseball, basketball, and football. Jim played baseball for a number of teams such as the Cincinnati Reds, the New York Giants, and the Boston Braves. Whereas in football, he played for the football New York Giants, the Canton Bulldogs, and the Chicago Cardinals. He won three championships in the Canton Bulldogs team. Besides, he also became the president of the American Professional Football Association or National Football League (NFL).

Jim Thrope
Jim Thrope

Facts about Jim Thorpe 9: Another sports

As we know that Jim was an expert on football, track, and baseball. However, he also had another skill on golf, swimming, wrestling, basketball, tennis, and lacrosse

Facts about Jim Thorpe 10: Jim Thorpe-All American

Jim Thorpe-All American was a movie about Jim in 1951. The role of Jim was played by Burt Lancaster.

Jim Thorpe-All American
Jim Thorpe-All American

We have talked facts about Jim Thorpe. Do you know other facts about him? Let us know!

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