10 Interesting Facts about Jewish

Facts about Judaism Religion will inform you about Jews people who believe in one God. Approximately, there are about 13 million followers of Judaism around the world, especially in USA and Israel. There are God’s laws in Judaism which is kept by Jews. Besides, Judaism also has holy book, the symbols, the place to worship, etc. All of them will be explained below. You can also install a Talmud software on your mobile to gain more knowledge on Jewish practices and beliefs.

Facts about Jewish Religion 1: The History

The covenant between God and Abraham is the beginning of Jewish history. Abraham is considered as the father of the Jewish people. He also becomes the symbol of trusting and obeying God. You can find the story of Abraham in the Book of Genesis.

Facts about Jewish Religion 2: The Symbol of Judaism

The star of David is the religious symbol of Judaism. It is also known as the Magen David or Shield of David. Whereas the oldest symbols of the Jewish faith is the Menorah (seven candle holders).

The star of David
The star of David

Facts about Jewish Religion 3: Moses

The torah was given to Jews by Moses. That’s why he became the important figure of Jews.

Facts about Jewish Religion 4: The Jewish Holy Book

The Torah is the Jewish Holy Book which means teachings in Hebrew. It was revealed to Moses on Mount Sinai by God which consists of five books, including Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. The rules of Jewish people for everyday life were written in the Torah. Besides, a yad is special pointer which is used to read the Torah because we are not allowed to touch it.

The Torah (The Jewish Holy Book)
The Torah (The Jewish Holy Book)

Facts about Jewish Religion 5: Kosher food

At Jewish law, Jews have to eat Kosher foods. This food means no pork, no shell fish, and no mixing of meat and dairy.

Facts about Jewish Religion 6: Ceremonies

There are two kind of ceremonies of Jews people. They are bar mitzvah and a bat mitzvah. The ceremonies are held where Jewis boys and girls become adults. Bar mitzvah is for boys (aged 13) which means Son of the Commandment. Whereas Bat mitzvah (aged 12) is for girls which means Daughter of the Commandment.

Facts about Jewish Religion 7: The Sabbath (Shabbat)

Sabbath (Shabbat) is the Jewish holy day or the most important day of the week. It starts at sunset on Friday and ends at sunset on Saturday. Jews stop to do anything during shabbat. They a share meal and eat hallah (special bread) at the beginning og shabbat. They also make time for God at the synagogue.

Facts about Jewish Religion 8: Synagogues

Synagogues is a place where Jews do worship. In Greek, Synagogues means “meeting place”. When pray, men and women sit separately in an
Orthodox synagogue. However, they will sit together in a modern synagogue.


Facts about Jewish Religion 9: Jewish holidays

There are many Jewish holidays. They are the Sabbath, the Day of Atonement, the Jewish New Year, Purim, Passover, the Festival of Booths, the Festival of Trees, and the Days of Awe.

Facts about Jewish Religion 10: The Jewish Religious leaders

Rabbis is the Jewish spiritual leaders which mean “teacher”. Rabbis don’t have special religous status and they are not a priest. However, they usually give advice on religious matters and also conduct marriage and funeral ceremonies.

The Rabbi (The Jewish Religious leaders)
The Rabbi (The Jewish Religious leaders)

We have talked facts about Jewish Religion. Do you have anything to add about this information? Let us know!

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