10 Interesting Facts about Jennifer Lopez

Facts about Jennifer Lopez will inform you about an American singer, dancer, actress, business woman, and fashion designer. Her full name is Jenifer Lynn Lopez. She was born on July 24, 1969 in the Bronx, New York, U.S. She is also known as J. Lo, Jenny, La Lopez, and Lola. Besides, she becomes one of the famous ladies who achieve success as a singer and dancer in her career. The other facts about Jennifer Lynn Lopez will be explained below.

Facts about Jennifer Lopez 1: Early age

Lopez started to take dancing and singing lessons when she was five years old. Then, she toured with her school at the age of seven.

Facts about Jennifer Lopez 2: Marriage

Lopez married three times and ended in divorce. First, she married with Ojani Noa on February 1997 until January 1998. Second, she married to Cris Judd on September 2001 until June 2002. Third, she married to Marc Anthony on June 5, 2004 and divorced on June 2014. They had twin children named Maximillian David Muniz (son) and Emme Maribel (daughter). Both of them were born on February 22, 2008.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Facts about Jennifer Lopez 3: Family

Guadalupe Rodriguez and David Lopez are parents of Jennifer Lynn Lopez. Guadalupe was a kindergarten teacher, whereas David worked as a computer specialist at the firm. Besides, Lopez also has an older sister named Leslie and a younger sister named Lynda. Lynda is a DJ and Leslie is a homemaker. Before Lopes was born, they lived in a small apartment. Then, they purchases a two-story house after a few years later.

Facts about Jennifer Lopez 4: Education

Lopez studied at Bronx’s Preston High School. She was a smart student, especially in athletics. She also became the softball team in her school and participated in gymnastics, tennis, and track and field.

Preston High School
Preston High School

Facts about Jennifer Lopez 5: Her nickname

There are many nickname of Jennifer Lopez. First, her nickname was La Guitarra when she was at the gyms. It is because her body curved like a guitar. Whereas at her hometown, The Supernova was her nickname.

Facts about Jennifer Lopez 6: Jennifer Lopez as Selena Quintanilla-Perez

Selena Quintanilla-Perez was her first headlining role in 1997. Approximately, the salary of her role was around $1 million.

Jennifer Lopez as Selena
Jennifer Lopez as Selena

Facts about Jennifer Lopez 7: Homes

Lopez has many homes, including  Manhattan, the Bronx, California, Long Island, and Miami.

Facts about Jennifer Lopez 8: Fly Girl

The first start of Jennifer Lopez was being Fly Girl on the Fox comedy series In Living Color. Her choreographer was Rosie Perez.

Jennifer Lopez in Living Color
Jennifer Lopez in Living Color

Facts about Jennifer Lopez 9: American Idol

Jennifer Lopez is the judges of American Idol. For the first time, she felt that it was difficult to get a start in show biz.

Facts about Jennifer Lopez 10: Album & Movie

Lopez got a record for her album and movie in the same year (2001). Her movie was The Wedding Planner and her album ‘J. Lo’.

 The Wedding Planner
The Wedding Planner

We have talked facts about Jenifer Lopez. Do you have anything to add about this talented woman. Let us know!

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