10 Interesting Facts about Jellyfish

Facts about jellyfish will give you information about animal which has been on the earth for millions of years. Jellyfish can be found in the sea or oceans all over the world. Sometimes, they live in fresh water. The fossils of jellyfish are difficult to be found because they don’t have skeletons. Tuna, sea turtles, pasific salmon, sharks, and swordfish are the common predators of the jellyfish. Besides, a group of jellyfish is called a bloom, swarm, or smack. The group can consist of 100000 jellyfish. The other facts about jellyfish will be explained below.

Facts about Jellyfish 1: Jellyfish are not fish!

Jellyfish are not fish, although the word fish is mentioned in the name of jelyfish. They belong to invertebrates
(animals with no backbones).

Facts about Jellyfish 2: The colors of jellyfish

There are many colors of jellyfish, including pink, green, blue, orange, white, yellow, purple, or even multi-colored. Besides, they also can be transparent or translucent. That’s why people sometimes cannot see jellyfish clearly. Additionally, jellyfish also can be used for medicine in Chinese.

Multi colored jellyfish
Multi colored jellyfish

Facts about Jellyfish 3: The life span of jellyfish

The average life span of jellyfish is 30 years. It depends on the species. The small types of jellyfish live just for a few hours whereas the others can live several years. However, the wild ocean jellyfish can live around 2 – 6 months.

Facts about Jellyfish 4: The box jellyfish

The deadliest species of jellyfish are the box jellyfish. The tentacles of the box jellyfish consist of 500000 sindasites. Besides, they could kill 5568 since 1954.

The box jellyfish

Facts about Jellyfish 5: Characteristics

Jellyfish consist of 90% water and gelatinous material which is called as mesoglea. They don’t have brain, blood, and nervous system.

Facts about Jellyfish 6: The Moon Jellyfish

The friendliest species of jellyfish is Moon Jellyfish. They are also known as moon jellies or saucer jellyfish. This species mostly can be found in the aquariums or zoo.

The Moon Jellyfish
The Moon Jellyfish

Facts about Jellyfish 7: The sting

Jellyfish have tentacles to sting their prey or hunt for food. The sting can be painful and deadly for other species. Whereas for humans, they are not dangerous. However when humans touch jellyfish accidently, jellyfish will sting them. So, be carefull with jellyfish!

Facts about Jellyfish 8: The Arctic Lion’s Mane

The largest species of the jellyfish is the Lion’s Mane jellyfish. Approximately, the diameter of the body is around 7 feet 6 inches or 2.3 meters. Whereas the tentacles are about 120 feet long or 36.5 meters.

The Arctic Lion’s Mane
The Arctic Lion’s Mane

Facts about Jellyfish 9: The Cannonball Jellyfish

The Cannonball Jellyfish is nonpoisonous jellyfish. That’s why they become the most commonly eaten jellyfish.

Facts about Jellyfish 10: Diet

Jellyfish belong to carnivorous. The diet of jellyfish are tiny fish, plankton, crabs, crustaceans, shrimp, fish eggs, tiny plants, and other jellyfish. Whereas jellyfish are eaten by sea turtles.

The diet of jellyfish
The diet of jellyfish

We have talked facts about jellyfish. Are you interested to read this article? Do you have anything to add about this amazing animal? Hopefully this article will help you to know more about jellyfish.

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