10 Interesting Facts about Jelly Roll Morton

Facts about Jelly Roll Morton will inform you about an American ragtime, bandleader, jazz pianist, and composer. His full name is Ferdinand Joseph LaMothe. He was born on October 20, 1890 in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S. Morton started to play piano, sing, and lead New Orleans-style jazz ensembles from 1902 until 1940. The other facts about Jelly Roll Morton will be explained below.

Facts about Jelly Roll Morton 1: Early life

Morton lived with grandmother when he was fourteen years old. His grandmother was very religious. That’s why she didn’t like to see Marton played music. His grandmother threw him out of house due to she knew that Marton played jazz. However, all of the problem made Marton started his career.

Facts about Jelly Roll Morton 2: Playing piano

At the age 10, Morton started to play piano. He played it with a handful of songs. Then, he could play in the red-light district bordellos. That’s why he got the nickname “Jelly Roll.”

Jelly Roll Morton played piano
Jelly Roll Morton played piano

Facts about Jelly Roll Morton 3: Family

Edward Joseph (Martin) Lamothe and Louise Hermance Monette are parents of Jelly Roll Morton. His father was a bricklayer by trade and his mother was a domestic worker. Actually, they were formally married and Louise was left by her husband when Morton was three years old. Then, Morton’s mother remarried with William Mouton in 1894. That’s why Morton is the surname from his stepfather.

Facts about Jelly Roll Morton 4: The Golden Age of Morton’s career

Morton collaborated with William Manuel Johnson and Anita Gonzalez in 1917. They wrote The Crave and The Wolverines. It brings Morton to be success. Besides, he also got prestigious contract agreement with Victor.

Facts about Jelly Roll Morton 5: Marriage

Morton married Mabel Bertrand on November 1928 in Gary, Indiana.

Facts about Jelly Roll Morton 6: Award

Morton got award for the Down Beat Critics’ Poll Hall of Fame in 1963.

Facts about Jelly Roll Morton 7: Touring

Morton started touring after he got out from grandmother’s house. There were many single which were played by him, including King Porter Stamp, Animule Dance, Frog-I-More Rag, New Orleans Blues, and Jelly Roll Blues. The first jazz composition which was ever published was Jelly Roll Blues.

Facts about Jelly Roll Morton 8: Great composer

As we know that Morton was the first great composer of Jazz. There were many songs which were written by him. They were King Porter Stomp, Wolverine Blues, Mr. Jelly Roll, Milenburg Joys, The Chant, Doctor Jazz, Winin’ Boy Blues, Don’t You Leave Me Here, Grandpa’s Spells, The Pearls, Shreveport Stomp, Black Bottom Stomp, Original Jelly Roll Blues, Wild Man Blues, I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say, and Sweet Substitute.

Mr. Jelly Roll
Mr. Jelly Roll

Facts about Jelly Roll Morton 9: Album

Here are some list of Morton’s album, including The Piano Rolls (Nonesuch, 1997), Giants of Jazz (Collectables, 1998), and Mr. Jelly Roll (Tomato Music, 2003).

Facts about Jelly Roll Morton 10: Death

Morton died on July 10, 1941 in Los Angeles, California, U.S. at the age of 50 years old. It is because he suffered asthma. Besides, he was buried at the Calvary Cemetery, Los Angeles.

Jelly Roll Morton Grave
Jelly Roll Morton Grave

We have talked facts about Jelly Roll Morton. Do you know other facts about him?

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