10 Interesting Facts about Jell-O

Have you ever heard about Jell-O? Do you know what is it? A brand name of the United States will be explained on Facts about Jell-O. It is a generic name for all gelatin products, such as puddings, fruit gels, unbaked cream pies. The name of Jell-O is a combination of the words gelatin and jelly. Whereas the “O” is a popular trend in America to add “O” in the end of the product name. Here are ten interesting facts about Jell-O.

Facts about Jell-O 1: The Ingredients

There are many main ingridients of Jell-O. They are powdered gelatin, sugar, water, artificial flavors, and food coloring.

Facts about Jell-O 2: The original flavors

Orange, lemon, raspberry, and strawberry are four original flavors of Jell-O.

Strawberry flavor
Strawberry flavor

Facts about Jell-O 3: The discontinued flavors

There were some Jell-O classic and Jell-O puddings which were discontinued, including Bubble gum, Coffee, Green apple, Maple syrup, Plain, Cotton candy, Cola, Passion fruit, and Triple chocolate.

Facts about Jell-O 4: Jell-O was used in the film

Jell-O was used to create the effect of the parting of the sea in In Cecil B. DeMille’s 1923 silent film, The Ten Commandments.

Cecil B. DeMille's 1923 silent film, The Ten Commandments
Cecil B. DeMille’s 1923 silent film, The Ten Commandments

Facts about Jell-O 5: Jingle

There was a jingle about Jell-O which was sung by Jack Benny in 1934. The jingle was created by ad agency Young & Rubicam. Besides, it became the first company which was advertised through new medium.

Facts about Jell-O 6: The weird advantages of Jell-O

As we know that Jell-O can be used for anything. However, it also can be used as finger paint, wrestling, a hair or clothing dye, cat litter, and ridding bathrooms.

Finger paint using Jell-O
Finger paint using Jell-O

Facts about Jell-O 7: Orator Frank Woodward

Pearl and May Wait was a couple who hold the patent of Jell-O. They lived in the Leroy, Rochester, New York. Unfortunately, he sold it to Orator Frank Woodward in 1899. It was sold around $450 or $12,000 today. That’s why Woodward became rich.

Facts about Jell-O 8: Some flavors are forgotten

Coffee and chocolate were flavors which can easily forgotten. It is because the taste don’t translete well to jiggly translucence. Besides, some various vegetable such as tomato and celery also come and quickly gone.

Coffee flavor
Coffee flavor

Facts about Jell-O 9: Gelatin

Collagen in animal bones and skins such as cow or pig are materials to make gelatin in Jell-O. The first step is grind up the bones and skins. The second is break down the cellular structures and release the collagen use acid and alkali chemical processes. Then, boiling the mixture. A layer on top is called as gelatin.

Facts about Jell-O 10: Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell was a famous artist which is hired to draw colorful illustrations depicting Jell-O. He depicted a young girl who was serving a Jell-O to her doll at tea time.

Art work of Norman Rockwell
Art work of Norman Rockwell

We have talked facts about Jelly-O. Are you interested to read this article? Do you have anything to add other facts about it? Hopefully this artocle will help you to know more about Jell-O. Enjoy reading.

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