10 Interesting Facts about James K. Polk

Facts about James K. Polk will inform you about the 11th President of the United States of America. He was born on November 2, 1795 near Pineville, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. His presidency started in 1841 and ended in 1849. Before He Became President, Polk was a good speaker. That’s why he decided to enter politics. Then, he became a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. The other facts about James K. Polk will be explained below.

Facts about James K. Polk 1: Early Life

James was the oldest of 10 children in his family. It was because he had a big family. James and his family lived in North Carolina and then moved to Tennessee.

Facts about James K. Polk 2: Marriage

James K. Polk married with religious woman, named Sarah Childress Polk in 1824. That’s why Sarah didn’t believe in gambling, alcohol, or dancing.

James K. Polk and Sarah Childress Polk

James K. Polk and Sarah Childress Polk

Facts about James K. Polk 3: Personality traits of James K. Polk

Intelligent, determined, persuasive, ambitious, pragmatic, creative, logical and forceful are the personality traits of James K. Polk.

Facts about James K. Polk 4: Napoleon of the Stump

Napoleon of the Stump is the nickname of President James K Polk. The nickname was given due to the intelligent and eagerness of Polk to exercise his excellent oratory skills.

James K. Polk

James K. Polk

Facts about James K. Polk 5: Urinary stones

James K. Polland suffered urinary stones when he was 17 years old. That’s why he needed surgery and it was done by Dr. McDowell.

Facts about James K. Polk 6: Education

James studied in the University of North Carolina in 1818. Then, he continued to study law and became a lawyer in 1820.

University of North Carolina

University of North Carolina

Facts about James K. Polk 7: Didn’t trust banks

As we know that everybody save his/ her money in the bank. However, it is not happen with James K. Polk. He kept his money in his bags in the house due to he didn’t trus banks. There is no reason for this.

Facts about James K. Polk 8: The famous events during his presidency

There are many famous events during James K. Polk’s presidency. They are Westward Expansion, Manifest Destiny, the Indian Wars, the Mexican-American War, the Mormon migration to Utah (1846), California Republic and the Bear Flag Revolt, Wilmot Proviso of 1846, 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, California Gold Rush, Oregon Treaty 1846, The Elias Howe Sewing Machine.

The Mexican-American War

The Mexican-American War

Facts about James K. Polk 9: Young Hickory

Young Hickory was another nickname of James K. Polk. It was because he was a supporter of Andrew Jackson. Besides, they were also from Tennessee. As we know, the nickname of Andrew Jackson was Old Hickory.

Facts about James K. Polk 10: Death

During his presidency, Polk worked very hard. Then, he was sickly and
died of cholera on June 15, 1849 in Nashville, Tennessee. The Polk’s grave was located at Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville, Tennessee.

The tomb of President James K. Polk

The tomb of President James K. Polk

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