10 Interesting Facts about Jaguars

Have you ever seen jaguars? Where they can be found or seen? The largest big cats in the South America will be explained on Facts about Jaguars. Besides, jaguars also become the third largest cats in the world. By clawing trees, jaguars mark their territory because they live alone. Amazon river basin is a place where we can find a lot of jaguar. Whereas the average life span of jaguars are around 12 to 15 years old in the wild. Here are ten interesting facts about jaguars.

Facts about Jaguars 1: The name of jaguar

The name jaguar comes from the yaguar (Native American word). It means “he who kills with one leap.” Whereas Panthera onca is the scientific name of jaguar.

Facts about Jaguars 2: Characteristics

A compact body, powerful jaws, and a broad head, yellow or tan fur, and black spots are some characteristics of jaguar.

Powerful jaw of jaguar
Powerful jaw of jaguar

Facts about Jaguars 3: Large jaws

As we know that jaguars belong to fearsome predators. They have large jaw muscles which are usually used to pierce the skull of their prey using their sharp teeth.

Facts about Jaguars 4: Diet

Jaguars belong to carnivores. That’s why they eat a diet rich in meat or fish. Peccary, snakes, sloths, turtles, frogs, deer, crocodiles, monkeys, tapirs, eggs, fish and more are some example of the diet of jaguars.

The diet of jaguar
The diet of jaguar

Facts about Jaguars 5: Human culture

As we know that there are many stories and songs about jaguar, or even being prayers of indigenous people. That’s why jaguars have important role in human culture.

Facts about Jaguars 6: Habitat

Rainforests, pampas grasslands, deciduous forests, swamps, and mountain scrub areas are the habitat of jaguars.

The habitat of jaguar
The habitat of jaguar

Facts about Jaguars 7: Behaviour

Swims, plays, bathes, roar, hunts are some behaviour of jaguars. Their roar sounds like a deep. They also like water very much.

Facts about Jaguars 8: The color of the fur

Tan or orange with black spots is color of jaguar’s fur. The black spots is also known as rosettes due to the shape looks like roses.

The color of the fur with black spots
The color of the fur with black spots

Facts about Jaguars 9: Size

There are different size between males and females jaguars. Females are smaller than males. The height is around 25 – 30 inches at the shoulders. The length is 43 – 75 inches. Whereas their weight is about 79 – 211 lbs. However, the males can reach recorded up to 350 lbs. Besides, jaguars can be 240cm long from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail.

Facts about Jaguars 10: Baby Jaguar

The baby of jaguars are called as cubs or kittens. At the time, a female can give birth to 1-4 cubs. The cubs can see for the first time after two weeks. Then, they will learn to hunt after six months. Approximately, they live with their mothers for two or more years.

The children of jaguars
Baby jaguar

We have talked facts about Jaguars. Are you interested to read this article? Do you know anything to add about jaguars? Hopefully, this article will help yoh to know more about them.

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