10 Interesting Facts about Jagannath Temple

There are many temples around the world. One of the example is Jagannath Temple. Facts about Jagannath Temple will inform you about a Hindu temple which is dedicated to Lord Jagannath. Jagannath is also known as the Lord of the Universe. The Jagannath temple is located in the coastal city of Puri, state of Odisha. It becomes the most important temples in India due to it is one of the Char Dham. The other facts about Jagannath temple will be explained below.

Facts about Jagannath Temple 1: The Simhadwaram

The Simhadwaram is the main door of the Jagannath temple. It has a mystery because you will hear the sound of the ocean when you are entering the Simhadwaram. However, you cannot hear anymore after the first step from Simhadwaram, or even turn back. Then, you will hear it again after come out of the temple.

Facts about Jagannath Temple 2: The flag of the temple

The flag which is located at the top of the temple always waves in the opposite direction of the breeze.

The flag of the temple
The flag of the temple

Facts about Jagannath Temple 3: The Sea

As we know that the breeze usually blows from the sea comes to the land during the daytime, and it blows from the land comes to the sea during evening. However, it is the reverse in the Jagannath temple.

Facts about Jagannath Temple 4: The Sudarshana Chakra

There is colossal chakra at the top of temple, named the Sudarshana Chakra. Approximately, the height is around 20 feet with the weights is a ton. The chakra can be seen from every corner of the city. That’s why it seems that the chakra is always facing at you irrespective of where you stand in.

The Sudarshana Chakra
The Sudarshana Chakra

Facts about Jagannath Temple 5: The Shadow

The shadow of the main dome of Jagannath temple cannot be seen at anytime. Maybe, it is because the desire of the Lord.

Facts about Jagannath Temple 6: Nothing flies above the temple

Surprisingly, there are nothing flies above the Jagannath temple such as planes, birds, etc. However, there is no explanation yet for this case.

Facts about Jagannath Temple 7: Important Festivals

There are important festivals of Jagannath temple. They are Chandan Yatra, Ratha Yatra, Snana Yatra, and Nabakalebara.

Facts about Jagannath Temple 8: The Prasadam

The Prasadam is a food which is cooked in pots using firewood. The Prasadam is usually served in the temple and will not go waste.

The Prasadam
The Prasadam

Facts about Jagannath Temple 9: Important Landmark

The important landmark of global Vaishnavism is the Jagannath temple, especially for Gaudiya Vaishnavs.

Facts about Jagannath Temple 10: Daily food offerings

There are six daily food offerings which are made to the lord. They are Gopala Vallabha Bhoga for breakfast, the Sakala Dhupa for next offering, Bada Sankhudi Bhoga, the Madhyanha dhupa, Sandhya Dhupa, and the last is the Bada Simhara Bhoga.

Daily food offerings
Daily food offerings

We have talked facts about Jagannath temple. Are you interested to read this article? Do you know anything to add about it? Let us know.

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