10 Interesting Facts about Italy

Have you ever visited Italy? The beautiful country in the world will be explained on Facts about Italy. Rome is the capital and the biggest city of Italy. It is also called as Eternal City. There are around 60,500,000 people live in Italy. Some of them are Christian (83%) and the others are Catholic. The currency in Italy is Euro. Besides, more than 98% of adults can read and write. Here are ten Interesting facts about Italy.

Facts about Italy 1: The name of Italy

Repubblica Italiana or Italian Republic is the name of Italy. It comes from the word italia which means calf land. Whereas Bel Pease is a nickname of it which means beautiful country.

Facts about Italy 2: Italian Flag

There are three colors of Italian flag. They are green, white, and red. Green means hope, white means faith, and red means charity. Besides, some people also think that the green color symbolizes hills and plains of Italy, white color represents the snow-capped Alps, and red color is for the bloodshed of war. That is why Italian flag is also known as a tricolor.

The flag of Italy
The flag of Italy

Facts about Italy 3: Language

The official language of Italy is Italian. It is followed by German, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Ladin, and Slovene.

Facts about Italy 4: Famous scientists and mathematicians

There are many famous people which was born in Italy, including artists, scientists, mathematicians, and more. Leonardo Da Vinci, Alessandro Volta, Galileo Galilei, and Fibonacci are some examples of famous scientists and mathematicians.

Leonardo Da Vinci
Leonardo Da Vinci

Facts about Italy 5: Agriculture

Approximately, there were 1,6 million farms in 2010. Grain, olive tree orchards, vineyards, citrus orchards, sugar beets, fruits, vegetables, and horticulture are agriculture products of Italy.

Facts about Italy 6: Famous places

There are many famous places in Italy, including Rome, Venice, and Florence. If you are travellers, you have to visit them. One of the most romantic and beautiful city is Venice. Whereas in Florence, you can find unique culture and of course Rome.

Florence, Italy
Florence, Italy

Facts about Italy 7: Government and Economy

Italian people often gather in the streets to support their party or protest  the policies of government. The street is really crowded. That is why the politics in Italy is very noisy. Whereas the main exports economy in Italy are wine, food, shoes, and clothing.

Facts about Italy 8: Italian car manufactures

There are many expensive cars which are produced by italy. Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari, and Alfa Romeo are some examples of it.


Facts about Italy 9: The popular sport

Football or Soccer is the most popular sport in Italy. Besides, four world cups were also won by Italy. It was amazing!

Facts about Italy 10: Famous Italian Stories or Epics

Like the other country, Italy also has famous stories. Azzurrina or the little blue one became the one of the famous legend in Italy. It told about a beautiful girl who had a long, blue hair.

Azzurrina Legend, the blue one
Azzurrina Legend, the blue one

We have talked facts about Italy. Are you interested to read this article. Do you know other facts about it? Hopefully, this article will help you to know more about Italy.

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