10 Interesting Facts about Italian Culture

Facts about Italian Culture will inform you about interesting and unique culture in the world. An awesome music, building, art, museum, food, and more can be found in Italy. Family is very important in Italy. They like to talk and laugh together. Besides, an Italian who has more than one child will get rewards from the government and the church. Most of Italians are  Catholics. The other facts about Italian Culture will be explained below.

Facts about Italian Culture 1: Italian Children

Many children live at home until they are 30 years old. It is because they are very close to their family. They will leave their parent only when they got married on the age of 40. However, everything was change. Today’s children can leave their parent’s house after they graduate from high school or University.

Facts about Italian Culture 2: Italian Clothes

A long and wide dress, a tight bodice, a short and small waistcoat, a cap or a veil are traditional woman’s clothes. Whereas tradional men’s clothes consists of a tight pants, long boots, a shirt, tight waistcoat, a vest or a jacket, and a hat. The fabric and colour of the dress for woman’s clothes and the shape of the men’s hat depended on their region and status. However, today’s traditional clothes are only worn in the special celebrations and historical parades.

Italian traditional clothes
Italian traditional clothes

Facts about Italian Culture 3: “Ars longa, vita brevis”

“Ars longa, vita brevis” is a sentence which is usually said by Italian which means “art is long, life is short”. Besides, it also shows that Italians like leisure time.

Facts about Italian Culture 4: Communication in Italy

Did you know the communication in Italy? Many Italian use hand gestures when they are speaking. In Italy, much of expressions have hand gestures with specific meanings. That is why hand gestures are very important in Italy.

Italian hand gestures
Italian hand gestures

Facts about Italian Culture 5: The buildings

As we know that Italy has many unique buildings, including the Colosseum, Pantheon and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. You’ve to visit there. They are awesome!

Facts about Italian Culture 6: The passeggiata

The passeggiata or a family stroll is usually done by families in the small vilage. The traditional passeggiata is usually held on each Sunday.

The passeggiata
The passeggiata

Facts about Italian Culture 7: Italian Festivals and Celebrations

The Truffles Festival of Alba and the Chocolate Festival of Turin and Perugia are the most famous food festivals in Italy. Whereas the other  famous Italian celebrations are the Carnevale diVenezia or Venice Carnival and the Palio di Siena.

Facts about Italian Culture 8:  Number 13

Italians believe that 13 is a lucky number. There are many people who wear a charm in the shape of the number 13. The charm is usually given to chikdren when they are baptized.

Number 13 charm
Number 13 charmi

Facts about Italian Culture 9: Different stores

Italians prefer buy something in different stores than supermarkets. They like to visit a market, a butcher, a baker, or a farmer to get fresh food. Don’t try to shop with an Italian if you don’t like shopping because it will take a long time.

Facts about Italian Culture 10: Italian holidays

Christmas and Ferragosto are the important holiday in Italy which are celebrated on 15th August. Besides, Easter is also popular holiday in Italy. They gather in St. Peter’s Square in Rome to see and listen to the Pope during Easter. New Years’ Day, International Workers’ Day, Assumption Day, St. Stephen’s Day, Epiphany, and Immaculate Conception are the others national holiday in Italy.

Christmas in Italy
Christmas in Italy

Facts about Italian Culture give you some awesome information. Do you know other facts about it?

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