10 Interesting Facts about Ipswich

The county town of Suffolk, England, which is located on the estuary of the River Orwell will be explained on Facts about Ipswich. In 2007, there were 122.300 people live there. The wool trade was famous in the Tudor period Ipswich. Besides, a lot of Tudor buildings still survive today’s. Unfortunately, the town became infamous due to a serial killer murdered five people in 2006. Here are ten interesting facts about Ipswich.

Facts about Ipswich 1: Galleries

There are many famous galleries in Ipswich, including Christchurch Mansion, the Town Hall, in Ancient House and the Artists’ Gallery in Electric House.

Facts about Ipswich 2: Ipswich Town Hall

At the time the mayor of Ipswich named Mr John Patterson Cobbold opened Ipswich Town Hall. It was built at a cost of £16,000 in 1878. There are 2 art galleries which can be used as theater in the Town Hall.

Ipswich Town Hall
Ipswich Town Hall

Facts about Ipswich 3: The Royal Show

The prestigious event, the Royal Show was held at the top of Crane Hill, Ipswich on July 1934. Actually, the show has been held since 1831. As you know that Prince of Wales became the Royal Visitor at there.

Facts about Ipswich 4: Museums

There are three museums in Ipswich. They are Ipswich Museum, the Ipswich Transport Museum, and Christchurch Mansion.

Ipswich Transport Museum
Ipswich Transport Museum

Facts about Ipswich 5: The Ipswich Transport Museum

The Ipswich Transport Museum become the history of transport and engineering objects. The museum was used by people in local area. It is also made by them. The Ipswich Transport Preservation Group started the collection of the museum in 1965. The museum is open from April to November on Sundays at 11am to 4pm, and on weekday at 1pm to 4pm.

Facts about Ipswich 6: A serial killer

As we know that there were murder of five women in Ipswich. The victims were identified as prostitutes. Many people thought that a serial killer named Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) became influenced the murder in Ipswich.

Facts about Ipswich 7: The White Brick

When Odeon (Lloyds Avenue) was being built, a bricklayer fell down while constructed the building. Then, the White Brick became a mark for the unfortunate event.

Facts about Ipswich 8: Transportation

As we know that every country has public transportation. Likewise with Ipswich, there are trains, bus, planes, etc as public transportation. Ipswich has two railway stations, named Ipswich and Derby Road. Whereas First Norfolk and Suffolk, Ipswich Buses, and several smaller companies operate the bus services in Ipswich. Besides, municipal airport was opened in 1929 by the Ipswich Corporation.

Ipswich transportation
Ipswich transportation

Facts about Ipswich 9: Education

The study at Copleston and Northgate High Schools, Ipswich Academy and Chantry Academy was funded by state of Ipswich. Besides, there are many independent schools there including Ipswich School, Ipswich High School (girls-only), Royal Hospital School, and St Joseph’s College.

Facts about Ipswich 10: Famous resident

Ipswich is known with many artists such as Thomas Gainsborough, Richard Ayoade. Besides, the most famous people also born in Ipswich that are Tudor Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, ner Kirby, and Sarah Trimmer. Giles (the cartoonist), Margaret Catchpole, Horatio, Lord Nelson (Steward of Ipswich), Alf Ramsey and Bobby Robson (managers of Ipswich Town) are famous resident who work in Town.

Tudor Cardinal Thomas Wolsey,
Tudor Cardinal Thomas Wolsey

We have talked facts about Ipswich. Do you know other facts about it?

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