10 Interesting Facts about Internet Safety

As we know that Internet is being popular today’s. People around the world use it everyday, including children, adults, teenagers, etc. However, we also should be careful to use internet due to there are many cyber crimes. That is why we need Internet Safety to avoid that. Facts about Internet Safety will inform you about protection to private information and property which is related with using the internet. This is why it’s good to backup your data in case it gets lots. Learn about disaster recovery at http://www.venyu.com/disaster-recovery-services/. The other facts about Internet Safety will be explained below.

Facts about Internet Safety 1: Internet Safety Laws

COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) is a federal law which help parents to protect their children in using internet. There are many internet safety laws which is required by COPPA, including privacy policies on the site which should be explained, getting parental consent before using personal information of a child, no more personal information in a game or a contest. However, parents are the best protection of children in the use of internet.

Facts about Internet Safety 2: The dangers of Internet

As we know that Internet is very useful for us, especially for children. It can be entertainment tool and fantastic education for them. However, there are also many dangers of Internet, including Cyberbullying, Identify Theft, Online Sexual Predators, and Password Sharing and Hacking.

 Identity Theft
Identity Theft

Facts about Internet Safety 3: Identity Theft

Identity theft often happen at children. Their identity was stolen due to they have clean credit records and a lot of their personal identity information online. That is why children become the main target for thieves

Facts about Internet Safety 4: Password Sharing and Hacking

Teens are usually sharing their password to their friends than parents. That is why their account can be hacked easily. Pose embarrassing or hurtful content of the victim and send disturbing emails are things which can be done by the hacker. It’s also critical for businesses these days to have proper cybersecurity measures in order to succeed, see incident response explained here and learn how it can protect your business from cyberattacks.

Don't share your password
Don’t share your password

Facts about Internet Safety 5: Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a kind of hurting or harming someone using technology such as pictures, cell phones, internet, social media, or email. Approximately, there are around 26% of children that have been bullied but only few children that told to their parent about it. Besides, suicide and missed school are the impact of cyberbullying.

Facts about Internet Safety 6: Online Sexual Predators

Strangers are very dangerous for us, especially in the Internet. Because there are many online sexual predators who stray in online. Based on the Journal of Adolescent Health, the victim’s likes and dislikes, where their victim lives and attends school, and the victim’s location at a certain time are some reasons why online sexual predators use social media.

Facts about Internet Safety 7: Kids’ Rules for Online Safety

No giving personal information without parents’ permission, telling parents if there is something wrong, no meeting with strangers, talking with parents about pictures that can be uploaded, no responding to unimportant messages, no sharing password to another, be a good online citizen are the kids’ rules for online safety.

Facts about Internet Safety 8: Unsupervised Use

As we know that there are many missing children cases today’s. One of the reason of it due to unsupervised use of internet. After the age of 14, parents do not supervise their children’s internet use. That is why there are many identity theft which can make parents lose their children.

Unsupervised use of Internet
Unsupervised use of Internet

Facts about Internet Safety 9: Explicit Photos

Although many people know that photograph become main reason of cyber crimes. However, they still post their photograph in internet, even a nude or semi-nude photograph of themselves. As you know that there is no way to remove it when you have crosses the internet.

Facts about Internet Safety 10: Public Social Media

There are many social media which are used by people, including facebook, instagram, twitter, path, etc. However, only some people set their account to private. That is why strangers can get their contact information and whereabouts easily.

Social Media
Social Media

We have talked facts about Internet Safety. Do you know other facts about it? You can learn how to control or limit where your devices can go on the network, just go to Fortinet.

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