10 Interesting Facts about Interior Design

As we know that Interior Design is very important things in the designing of building. Facts about Interior Design will inform you about process of designing the inside space such as doors, walls, lights, textures, linear bearing windows, furnishings, etc. Interior design is aimed to make the place suitable for its function and people’s activities. Whereas a person who designs the interior is called as interior designer. The other facts about interior design will be explained below.

Facts about Interior Design 1: Disciplines

Structure, function, specialized performance, craft skills, special group needs, aesthetic disciplines, computer technology, discipline for business, and presentation skills are disciplines which are involved in many interior design firms. It shows the coverage of interior design.

Facts about Interior Design 2: The Important things

Matching the colors to make them balance, knowing how colors affect space and moods, building and electrical codes, styles and trends, knowledge of fabrics are the important things in interior designing.

Matching colors
Matching colors

Facts about Interior Design 3: Types of Interior design

There are many types of interior design. They are healthcare design, residential design, exhibition design, commercial design, universal design, hospitality design, and spatial branding.

Facts about Interior Design 4: Healthcare design

Healthcare design is usually applied to hospitals. The design is aimed to make a good and comfortable space for patient and staff. The evidence-based design with evidence-based medicine are compared by Healthcare designers. Besides, the facilities of healthcare are designed to give the needs of patients, staff, and families.

Healthcare design
Healthcare design

Facts about Interior Design 5: Residential design

As we know that residential design is related to home. The designer will make the home more comfortable based on the goals, style, and personality of the customers.

Facts about Interior Design 6: Hospitality design

Hospitality design is usually applied to guest and host such as hotels, including visitors, special events, resorts, the reception and entertainment of guests, conventions, attractions, membership clubs, and other services for travelers and tourists.

Facts about Interior Design 7: Commercial design

Commercial design is related to public spaces, including museums, libraries, hotels, office buildings, warehouses, stores, and community centers. Function and aesthetics of an environment are created by the designer. Besides, the designer also works to select the color of paint, pick appropriate furniture, choose artwork, account for acoustics and lighting, and place all these together in the manner most appropriate to the venue. The designers should also know that the best light poles for their lighting needs will be determined by its purpose and location. Durability and local weather are also determining factors in the type of pole they select.

Facts about Interior Design 8: Universal design

The design to create environments and products which can be used for all people in the world is called as universal design.

Universal design
Universal design

Facts about Interior Design 9: Exhibition design

Ranging from museum exhibitions, to themed attractions, to retail and trades show spaces, and zoos and visitor centers are the types of exhibit. They are aimed to communicate a message through engaging their audiences in meaningful interactions. Technologies and techniques are used to develop experiences of an exhibit (access the stories, messages, and objects).

Facts about Interior Design 10: Famous interior designers

There are many famous interior designers which is classified into some types. They are Jean-Henri Jansen (1854–1928), Elsie de Wolfe (1865–1950), Ogden Codman (1863–1951), Frances Elkins (1888–1953), Frank Lloyd Wright (1867–1959), Fritz August Breuhaus (1883–1960), Stephan Bouldin (1880–1967), Emilio Terry (1890–1969), Dorothy Draper (1889–1969) for Early interior designers, Jean Royere, Jed Johnson, Verner Panton, Terence Conran, Kelly Hoppen, Mauro Lipparini, Ron Arad for Modern interior designers, and Rachel Ashwell, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Linda Barker, Nina Campbell, Tara Bernard for Celebrity interior designers.

Jean Henri Jansen
Jean Henri Jansen

We have talked facts about Interior Design. Do you know other facts about it?

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