10 Interesting Facts about Insurance

Do you have Insurance? A term in law and economics will be explained on Facts about Insurance. By having Insurance, it will help you when you are getting bad things in your life such as accident. It means that the company of insurance will pay your money back. People will buy insurance in order to protect them from losing money. However, they should be paid every month to have it. They also promise to be careful or a duty of care, if after reading this article you are interested on get an insurance you can find more information about it at Ieuter Insurance Group.


Here are ten interesting facts about Insurance.

Facts about Insurance 1: Insurance police

A contract between the insurer and the insured is known as Insurance police.

Facts about Insurance 2: Type of Insurance

There are many type of Insurance, including Life Insurance, Home Insurance, Property Insurance, Health Insurance, and Auto Insurance.

Type of Insurance
Type of Insurance

Facts about Insurance 3: The types of Life Insurance

There are two major types of life insurance. They are Whole Life and Term Life Insurance. The police holder of Whole Life should pay a policy until death. Whereas Term Life, the police holder pays a police for a fixed amount of time.

Facts about Insurance 4: nThe list of celebrities who insure their famous body

There are many celebrities who insure their part of body, including Dolly Parton insured her 40DD breasts for $ 600,000, Keith Richards, Rolling Stones guitarist (middle finger) for $ 1,600,000, Heidi Klum, the German model, television host and actress (legs) for $2.2 million, Ugly Betty star America Ferrera (teeth) for $10,000,000, Jennifer Lo (butt) for $27,000,000, Bruce Springsteen (voice) for $6,000,000, David Beckham insured (legs) for $151,000,000. Quantum of Solace (body) for $ 9.5million, and more.

David Beckham insured his legs for $151,000,000
David Beckham insured his legs for $151,000,000

Facts about Insurance 5: The cost of disability insurance

Age, health, and lifestyle are the factors which influenced the cost of disability insurance.

Facts about Insurance 6: Car Insurance

Liability, Protection, Collision, Comprehensive, and Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist are the main types of car insurance. There are two forms of liability. They are bodily injury and property damage liability. It means that only damage and property which are covered by them, not driver or passengers being the most common resolution in some states according to the car accident reports in Maryland. Whereas collision will cover all of the cost of car damage, although it is your fault or not. You can also hire an expert defense lawyer and get an experienced Orlando lawyer to defend you and win the case.

Car Insurance
Car Insurance

Facts about Insurance 7: Insurer

Insurer is an entity which provides insurance. It is also known as insurance carrier or insurance company.

Facts about Insurance 8: Home Insurance

As we know that home is important asset for many people. Fire, floods, and earthquakes can break your home. That is why people pay home insurance policy due to it will give compensation for damage or loss of your home and it’s contents. Check out this site if you’re interested about learning more on construction zone penalties and how to stay safe while you’re on the road.

Health Insurance
Health Insurance

Facts about Insurance 9: Health Insurance

A health insurance policy will cover your money back if you get bodily injury by slipping on improperly maintained stairs or any other injury. Besides, medical emergency also can happen to every human suddenly. You can also use it when you’re looking for good respite care Montville, NJ.

Facts about Insurance 10: The importance of Health Insurance

The diagnostic charges, expensive medicines, expensive private hospitals, expensive specialists, etc, are the reasons why health insurance is very important. If you fall victim to a workplace injury, a workers compensation lawyer can assist you by facilitating communication with medical and insurance staff. If you’re interested in learning how does workers compensation law work visit cellinolaw.com.


The importance of Health Insurance
The importance of Health Insurance

We have talked facts about Insurance. Are you interested to read this article? Do you know other facts about it? Hopefully, this article will help you to know more about Insurance.

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