10 Interesting Facts about Industrial Revolution

Have you ever heard about Industrial Revolution? Do you know what is it? Facts about Industrial Revolution will inform you about a change of goods manufacturing from homes to factories. It was started in Britain, Europe and North America. Approximately, it happened between 1820 and 1840. It also made the society from rural areas moved to big cities (urbanization). Culture and traditions, social and economy changed rapidly. That is why people live in different way. Besides, new transportation and new technologies were also introduced. The other facts about industrial revolution will be explained below.

Facts about Industrial Revolution 1: Why were goods produced in factories?

Cheap and quick are some reasons why the goods are produced in factories. Besides, there are many big markets in the new cities that will sell the goods.

Facts about Industrial Revolution 2: Water

The important source of industry power is water. That is why the factory was commonly built near river. Water wheels are also used to drive the machines in the factory. Whereas steam engines pumped the water out and powered the new systems of transportation. Besides, coal is the fuel of the machines and furnaces.

Water as industry power
Water as industry power

Facts about Industrial Revolution 3: Transportation

Transportation is very important in the Industrial Revolution. It is used for moving goods, people, and materials. In the 18th century, canals were the only transportation. Then, railroads were the next transportation in the 9th.

Facts about Industrial Revolution 4: Railroad

In 1804, the first steam locomotive  was seen in Wales. George Stephenson was an English rail pioneer who improved the design of it in 1820s.

A steam engine locomotive
A steam engine locomotive

Facts about Industrial Revolution 5: Canals

Canals were introduced by Britain due to they could reach all of the area. The canals were constructed by 1825, 1,500 Km.

Facts about Industrial Revolution 6: The inventions

As we know that Industrial Revolution changed everything. It is because some inventions, including iron or steel, buildings, and machines.

The inventions during Industrial Revolution
The inventions during Industrial Revolution

Facts about Industrial Revolution 7:  The Darby family

Cheap iron was invented by the Darby family. They found it in Coalbrookdale. Besides, they also become the cradle of the industrial revolution.

Facts about Industrial Revolution 8: The most important machines

The Spinning Jenny, Water Frame, and the Spinning Mule are the important machines during industrial revolution. James Hargreaves invented the Spinning Jenny in 1765, Richard Arkwright found Water Frame in 1769, and the inventor of the Spinning Mule (1779) was Samuel Crompton.

Spinning Jenny by James Hargreaves
Spinning Jenny by James Hargreaves

Facts about Industrial Revolution 9: The power-loom

The power-loom was invented by Edmund Cartwright in 1787. Approximately,  there were 49,000 power looms in mills in 1829 across Britain.

Facts about Industrial Revolution 10: Kingdom Brunel

Kingdom Brunel was an Engineer Isambard who created the first steam powered ship or the Great Western. He was born on April 9, 1806 and dead on September 15, 1859. Besides, he also became the greatest figures of the Industrial Revolution.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel
Isambard Kingdom Brunel

We have talked facts about Industrial Revolution. Are you interested to read this article? Do you know other facts about it? Hopefully this article will help you to know more about Industrial Revolution. Enjoy reading.

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