10 Interesting Facts about Incas

The largest empire in pre-Columbian civilization will be explained on Facts about Incas. Peru is the location of Inca Empire. Whereas the military center, political, and administrative of the empire was located in southern Peru (Cusco, or Qosqo). Inca has an emperor which is called as Sapa Inca. He rules the Inca such as built many good roads for Inca people. Besides, Inca also has a meaning king or emperor. Here are ten interesting facts about Inca.

Facts about Incas 1: The name of Inca

In Quechua, the Inca Empire was known as Tawantinsuyo which means four regions.

Facts about Incas 2: Manco Capac

The Inca Empire was established in 1438 by a man named Manco Capac. He considered himself as Sapa Inca. Besides, he was also a warrior and leader who had big power.

 Manco Capac
Manco Capac

Facts about Incas 3: The language

Quecha is the official language of the Inca. There was no written language at there. That is why their history and stories are kept by mouth to mouth.

Facts about Incas 4: The skills

There are many skills which are mastered by the Inca, such as music, art, stone carving, poetry, textiles, etc. Simple, beautiful, and practical are the characteristics of their poetry. Whereas woodwind instruments and woven baskets are also created by them. Besides, working with all types of metals also another skill which the inca had.

Facts about Incas 5: The Spanish

The Inca Empire was gone in 1535 due to  the Spanish at Peru in 1532.

Facts about Incas 6: Architecture

As we know that the most important of the Incan arts was architecture. Machu Picchu is the most famous architecture of Inca. It was build by Inca engineers. Stone blocks are the material to build the Machu Picchu.

Facts about Incas 7: The gods and goddesses

There are many gods and goddesses of Inca. The god of nature or the creator (Viracocha) is the major god, followed by the sun god (Inti), the gods of the moon, rainbows, thunder, stars, and rain. Inti is the symbol of gold. He also became the father of Incan rulers (The ruler as a living god). Whereas the major goddesses of Inca are the goddesses of the earth and the sea.

Facts about Incas 8: The Inca pyramids

Mud brick of clay and dry straw from the corn plant were the materials which were used to build the Inca pyramids. The inca only build their own Inca temple and placed it on the top of the pyramid which had been built by another culture. Besides, the Inca gold was usually placed inside the grave of died people.

Inca pyramids.
Inca pyramids

Facts about Incas 9: Medical practices

There were many medical practices in the Ancient Inca, including surgery on human skulls and the use of anesthesias during surgery. Whereas treating physical and emotional problems are the medicine of Inca.

Facts about Incas 10: The building

There are many building in the inca, including temples, tunnels, aqueducts, and suspension bridges. Besides, Inca also had great understanding in agriculture, military strategy, mathematics, architecture, hydraulics, and astronomy. In agricultures, they had corn, potatoes, coffee, and other grains.

Incan suspension bridges
Incan suspension bridges

We have talked facts about Incas. Do you know other facts about it?

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