10 Interesting Facts about Inauguration Day

Facts about Inauguration Day will inform you about the day where a new president is elected. Inauguration also happen when the previous president wins in a second term and is held every four years. There are many tradition in the Inauguration Day. One of the tradition is to swear. The president has to swear to do his best jobs. The other facts about Inauguration Day will be explained below.

Facts about Inauguration Day 1: The month of Inaguration Day

Many people thought that Inauguration Day is held on January. But that is totally wrong. Inauguration Day was held on March before the 20th Amendment. Besides, Franklin D. Roosevelt was the last president who joined the Inauguration Day on March.

Facts about Inauguration Day 2: The youngest president

Theodore Roosevelt became the youngest president to be sworn when he was 42 years old.

Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt

Facts about Inauguration Day 3: The bible tradition

The firsr U.S president who did the bible tradition was George Washington. In 1789, he started to take an oath on the bible. However, the 26th president (Theodore Roosevelt) did not want to take an oath on the bible, followed by John Quincy Adams and Franklin Pierce. They preferred to swear on books of law.

Facts about Inauguration Dayu 4: The First Inauguration Ceremony on television

In 1949, Harry S. Truman became the first president where his Inauguration Ceremony was showed on television.

Harry S. Truman
Harry S. Truman

Facts about Inauguration Day 5: President John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams was the first president who wore long pants in his  Inauguration Ceremony. Although  knee breeches was usually worn previously.

Facts about Inauguration Day 6: Robert Frost

Robert Frost was the first president who read a poem at the ceremony of inauguration in 1961. The Gift Outright is the title of the poem which was read by him. He also read “Dedication” for the inauguration.

Robert Frost was reading his poem
Robert Frost was reading his poem

Facts about Inauguration Day 7: The first couple who attended an inaugural ball

James and Dolley Madison became the first copule who attended an inaugural ball which was held at Long’s Hotel in the same day as the inauguration. The ticket price was around $4 each for the event.

Facts about Inauguration Day 8: The longest inauguration speech

William Henry Harrison was a president who delivered the longest inauguration speech. It was around one hour, 40 minutes (8,445 words). Although the weather was not good, he still continued his speech. He did not wear hat or overcoat at the time, even though in the winter. Unfortunately, he died after a month later due to pneumonia.

William Henry Harrison
William Henry Harrison

Facts about Inauguration Day 9: The shortest Inauguration Speech

President George Washington only gave speech in 135 words. That is why it became the shortest Inauguration Speech.

Facts about Inauguration Day 10: The oath on an airplane

The only president who took the oath on an airplane was Lyndon B. Johnson. Besides, Sarah Hughes also became the only woman as Texas state judge who administered the oath.

Lyndon B. Johnson swore on an airplane

Hopefully, this article will help you to know more facts about Inauguration Day.

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