10 Interesting Facts about Illuminated Letters

A letter which is used in the first letter of a book or chapter, a page or paragraph will be explained on Facts about Illuminated Letters. It also known as decorated letters. There are many pictures decorate the illuminated letter such as plants, animals, and mythological creatures. Besides, there is gold color in the area of the letter. People usually found it in the middle ages of books. Here are ten interesting facts about illuminated letter.

Facts about Illuminated Letters 1: The meaning

The meaning of illuminated is light up, enlighten, illuminate, or embellishment with luminous colors. It comes from the Latin word “illuminare.” Whereas Illuminators is artist who make illuminated manuscripts.

Facts about Illuminated Letters 2: The people who involved in the creation of illumination

The parchmenter, the scribe, and the illuminatore are people who involved in the creation of illumination.

The parchmenter
The parchmenter

Facts about Illuminated Letters 3: The Parchmenter

Preparing the surface of drawing and writing is the task of the parchmenter. Animal skins are usually used for the surface. Because paper from wood pulp was not available during the early Middle Age. That is why animal skins are used for it all over the world.

Facts about Illuminated Letters 4: The Scribe

People who copied information (words or stories) onto each page of parchment is called as The Scribe. There are many equipments which is used by the scribe, such as quill pen (from birds feather), inks (from ashes), egg whites, and plant material. After preparing all of the equipments, the scribe is ready to write.

The Scribe
The Scribe

Facts about Illuminated Letters 5: The Illuminator

Decorating images is the task of The Illuminator. A rough sketch is the first step which is made by the illuminator. Then, he will make an outline with pen. Adding the gold leaf and the other colors is the last step. The colors was made from plants and ground up stones.

Facts about Illuminated Letters 6: The Book of Kells

The best examples of illuminated letters can be seen in The Book of Kells. You can find it at the Trinity College Library in Dublin and Ireland’s most treasured artifact in Ireland.

The Book of Kells
The Book of Kells

Facts about Illuminated Letters 7: The colors of Illuminated letters

There are many colors which are used in the illuminated letters, including gold, red, black, white, yellow, blue, and silver.

Facts about Illuminated Letters 8: Bible

As we know that making illumination was very complex and expensive. That is why it is usually made for special books, such as Bible.

The illuminated letter P in the Malmesbury Bible.
The illuminated letter P in the Malmesbury Bible.

Facts about Illuminated Letters 9:

The first culture that know the illuminated manuscript was The Egyptian.

Facts about Illuminated Letters 10: The decorations

There are many decorations which can be seen in the illuminated manuscript, including miniature or small pictures, large pictures, borders.

The decoration of illuminated letter
The decoration of illuminated letter

We have talked facts about Illuminated Letters. Are you interested to read this article? Do you know other facts about it? Hopefully this article will help you to know more about Illuminated letters.

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