10 Interesting Facts about Igloos

Have you ever seen igloo? Do you know what is it? Facts about Igloos will inform you about a kind of shelter which is made from blocks of snow. Igloo is usually known as iglu. People usually placed it to make them stay warm and dry. Whereas hunters usually used it as temporary shelters in winter and while they are far away from their regular homes. The shape of igloo looks like a dome. Besides, igloos can be found in the Greenland and far north of Canada or in places where a lot of snow. The other facts about igloos will be explained below.

Facts about Igloos 1: Meaning

The meaning of igloo is house or shelter. It comes from Inuit word “iglu”.

Facts about Igloos 2: Native Inuit people

The people who built the igloos were Native Inuit people or usually known as Eskimoes. Approximately, there were 20 people who built it. Today, the igloos are built larger. It aimed to hold more people and can be used for dancing.

The inuit people
The inuit people

Facts about Igloos 3: The speed

Approximately, the time which is needed for making igloo is around 1 hour if the eskimoes make it quickly.

Facts about Igloos 4: The tools

A snow spade and a saw are the tools which are used to build an igloo. Whereas in the traditional times, bone was used to make it. Besides, some materials such as snow, shovel, bin, snow brick mold, and snow knife are also needed.

A snow spade and a saw
A snow spade and a saw

Facts about Igloos 5: The types of igloo

The smallest size (temporary usage), the inter-mediate size (semi-permanent dwelling), and the largest size (could accommodate up to 20 people) are three types of igloo.

Facts about Igloos 6: The method of igloo building

A snow blocks are materials which is used to build the igloo. The first, the blocks are arranged in the shape of large circle. Then, the smaller circle of blocks is placed on the top and so on. Dome is the final process of the building. After that, the weight of man can stand on the roof to examine the strong building.

The method of making igloo
The method of making igloo

Facts about Igloos 7: Strong shelter

As we know that igloo is a strong shelter. Because it will not collapsed even though a full grown man stand on it.

Facts about Igloos 8: The window

There are some igloos which have windows. Seal gut or a block of ice can be made as a window.

Igloo with a window
Igloo with a window

Facts about Igloos 9: The temperature

The temperature outside the igloo is around minus 50 degree, whereas the temperature inside the igloo can be reach 60 degrees.

Facts about Igloos 10: Nanook of the North

The “Nanook of the North” is the 1922 silent film documentary. You can see the real igloo which is build at the film.

Nanook of the North
Nanook of the North

We have talked facts about Igloos. Are you interested to read this article? Do you know other facts about it? Hopefully this article will help you to know more about igloo. Enjoy reading.

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