10 Interesting Facts about Ice Hockey

A sport on ice which is played by two teams will be explained on Facts about Ice Hockey. Ice skates and hockey sticks are the equipments which are used on the sport (view over here to know how does an air hockey table work and what are the rules and regulations to be followed). Ice skates were worn by players on their feet and the hockey sticks were held by them. The hockey sticks are used to push a pack around the ice. Besides, there are six players on each team. Each player can get a penalty while a player breaks the rule. Here are ten interesting facts about ice hockey.

Facts about Ice Hockey 1: The origin of ice hockey

No one knows the origin of ice hockey due to it is still unknown. Many people said that ice hockey probably grow up from the field hockey game. It was played in Northern Europe.

Facts about Ice Hockey 2: The aim of the game

Knocking the hockey puck into the net of the opposing team is the aim of the game. Special player has a job to guard the net. He is called as goalie.

A player knock the hockey puck into the net
A player knock the hockey puck into the net

Facts about Ice Hockey 3: J. G. A. Creighton

J. G. A. Creighton is a man who wrote the modern rules of ice hockey. He came from Canada. Whereas the Montreal Gazette published the first rules in 1877. Besides, the first game with the rules of Creighton was played in Montreal, Canada.

Facts about Ice Hockey 4: Ice skates

As we know that ice skates ia an equipment which is used by ice hockey players. It has some characteristics such as a long blade and no toe pick.

Facts about Ice Hockey 5: Manon Rheaume

The first female hockey players in the NHL (National Hockey League) was Manon Rheaume. An exhibition game against the St. Louis Blues was the first game which is played by her. Whereas the second game was NHL game against the Boston Bruins.

Facts about Ice Hockey 6: The rules of a penalty

As we know that every sport has a penalty. It is also happen with ice hockey. A player who get a penalty will sit in the penalty box. Then, the team will play without him until the penalty over.

Facts about Ice Hockey 7: The original Six

The original Six is the six teams in NHL which consist of Chicago Blackhawks, New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadians, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Detroit Red Wings.

Facts about Ice Hockey 8: The birthplace of hockey

Many people know that the birthplace of hockey is Canada. Besides, the  Hockey Hall of Fame is also located in Canada (Toronto).

Hockey Hall of Fame
Hockey Hall of Fame

Facts about Ice Hockey 9: The first ice hockey

In 1875, the first ice hockey was played indoors in Montreal, Canada.

Facts about Ice Hockey 10: The players

As we know that there are six players in the ice hockey. They are a goalie, two defensemen, two forwards, and a center.

Ice hockey players
Ice hockey players

We have talked facts about Ice Hockey. Are you interested to read this article? Do you know other facts about it? Hopefully this article will help you to know more about ice hockey. Enjoy reading.

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