10 Interesting Facts about High School

Education is a vital issue for most people in the world. After you have elementary and junior school, you will have to move to high school. The following Facts about High School will give you more information about this type of education. The high school students will learn skills related to their future occupation.  The students will have to enroll to high school after they finish the middle school or junior high school in United States.

Facts about High School 1: in United Kingdom

United Kingdom employed a two-part educational system. High school occurs at the age of 11 years when it changes from primary school or secondary school.

Facts about High School 2: in United States

The age of high-school students usually are around 13-15 to 17-19 year old. They will have grade 9 to grade 12 in United States. According to the law, the students are required to have education until high school.

Facts about High School
Facts about High School

Facts about High School 3: behavioral issues

The behavioral issues will be the main concerns for the high school students. If the students with behavioral issues cannot be handled by the school, they do not have to attend the class.

Facts about High School 4: GED

GED stands for General Education Development. It is a test taken by some people who want to finish high school.

High School Facts
High School Facts

Facts about High School 5: the term high school

The only region, which applies the term high school, is Scotland. In United Kingdom, it is called secondary school.

Facts about High School 6: education in other countries

The basic education is always the primary notion in many countries. The unique one is related to the terminology and system.

High School Pic
High School Pic

Facts about High School 7: the secondary school

In United Kingdom, the term secondary school is often used to describe the high school. After the students finish their primary school, they will attend secondary school.

Facts about High School 8: the age

The age of the students who attend the secondary school in United Kingdom is around 11 to 16 years old.

High School
High School

Facts about High School 9: in South Africa

The grade 8 marks the beginning of high school in South Africa. The matriculation examination will take place after the students follow a five-year study.

Facts about High School 10: in Brunei

The high school in Brunei starts in year 7 and ends in year 11.  It is called a secondary school.

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