10 Interesting Facts about Herpes

If you concern with health, check Facts about Herpes.  This viral disease is called herpes simplex. The infection occurs because of herpes simplex virus. It is divided in a number of types depending on the infected location. If you have mouth or face infected with herpes simplex, then it is called oral herpes. The fever blisters and cold sores may occur after the infected person has a group of small blisters. They may lead into the sore throat.  Here are other useful facts about herpes:

Facts about Herpes 1: genital herpes

Genital herpes may occur with blisters found in small ulcers. This condition will need around two to four weeks to heal.

Facts about Herpes 2: before the appearance of blisters

Before the appearance of blisters, the patient may experience shooting pains or tingling. The period without symptoms will take place after the periods of active disease.

Facts about Herpes
Facts about Herpes

Facts about Herpes 3: the first episode

The symptoms of herpes are usually severe during the first episode, which may include headaches, swollen lymph nodes, muscle pains and fever.  The severity and frequency will be reduced in the latter episodes.

Facts about Herpes 4: other disorders

Herpes simplex may cause other types of disorders. If it affects a newborn baby, it may lead into the development of neonatal herpes. If it affects the fingers, it may lead into herpetic whitlow. Herpes may also cause infection to the brain and eyes.

Herpes Pills
Herpes Pills

Facts about Herpes 5: the types of herpes virus

The two types of herpes simplex are type 1 (HSV-1) and type 2 (HSV-2). The genital infection is mainly caused by HSV-2.  The infection on the mouth is caused by HSV-1.

Facts about Herpes 6: transmission

A direct contact with lesions and body fluids of the infected person may transmit the disease. The sexually transmitted infection is found on the genital herpes, which might infect a newborn of a pregnant woman.


Facts about Herpes 7: after the infection

The virus of herpes simplex will reside at the nerve cell bodies after the infection. Sunlight exposure, stress, and reduced immunity may lead into the recurrence.

Facts about Herpes 8: how to diagnose herpes

The symptoms will be identified to diagnose the genital or oral herpes. The confirmation for the diagnosis will be conducted by checking the herpes DNA or viral culture.

Herpes Pictures
Herpes Pictures

Facts about Herpes 9: how to avoid genital herpes

You need to avoid the anal sex, oral sex and vaginal sex if you want to avoid the genital infections.

Facts about Herpes 10: condom

The risk of having genital infection is also decreased when you use condom.

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