10 Interesting Facts about Hermit Crabs

Let us find out the information about decapod crustaceans on Facts about Hermit Crabs. They are included in super family Paguroidea. It has at least 1,100 species. Most of them have an asymmetrical abdomen.  Other related crustaceans have the calcified and hard abdomens. However, hermit crab has the soft curved and long abdomen. Hermit crab can protect the soft abdomen using salvaged empty seashells. Therefore, hermit crab has to carry these seashells every time it goes. You will know other unique details about hermit crab if you read the following post below:

Facts about Hermit Crabs 1: the shells

The common shells carried by hermit crab to protect its abdomen are sea snail shell. However, some species decide to use the hollow pieces of stone wood, shells of scaphopods and shells of bivalves.

Facts about Hermit Crabs 2: the lifestyle

The lifestyle of hermit crab is defined by its nocturnal behavior. During the day, it is less active.

Facts about Hermit Crabs
Facts about Hermit Crabs

Facts about Hermit Crabs 3: divisions

Hermit crab is divided in two groups. Both are the land hermit crabs and marine hermit crabs.

Facts about Hermit Crabs 4: the marine hermit crabs

Clibanarius fonticola is also included in the marine hermit crab even though it lives in freshwater.

Hermit Crabs Pic
Hermit Crabs Pic

Facts about Hermit Crabs 5: where to find the marine hermit crabs

The marine hermit crabs can be found living as aquatic animals underwater. Their habitats are ranging from the deep-sea bottoms, shorelines, shallow reefs of saltwater areas. It is very rare to spot the marine hermit crabs leaving the sea.

Facts about Hermit Crabs 6: as a pet

It is common for the people to have hermit crab as a pet. The owners will keep this crab inside a reef fish tank or marine aquarium.

Hermit Crab
Hermit Crab

Facts about Hermit Crabs 7: land hermit crabs

The land hermit crab is the second group in the division of hermit crab. Their habitat is in the tropical regions. They are the terrestrial species of hermit crabs, which can be found living on land.

Facts about Hermit Crabs 8: the gills

The gills of hermit crabs should be wet all of the time when they want to reproduce or survive.

Hermit Crabs
Hermit Crabs

Facts about Hermit Crabs 9: the common pets

The species of hermit crabs kept by the people as pets include Australian land hermit crab, Caribbean hermit crab and Ecuadorian hermit crab.

Facts about Hermit Crabs 10: growth

The larger shells will be needed when the hermit crabs grow. There will be competition between hermit crabs to get the new shells.

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